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All legal reasoning follows one path. No legal argument can be accepted or rejected without all of the following pieces. The "issue" is the legal issue. It doesn't ask just any interesting question. A classic example of this is a potential legal client who comes in and says that her boss is mean and rude -- he yells and screams and makes work wholly unpleasant.

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Once the order is confirmed an automated e-mail will be sent to you to allow you to download the eBook. All eBooks are supplied firm sale and cannot be returned. If you believe there is a fault with your eBook then contact us on ebooks wildy. This does not affect your statutory rights. From finding the law using both print and electronic resources, learning about legal contexts and how to read and analyse primary sources, writing the law using correct referencing and learning to construct an argument and to critique and evaluate the law using secondary sources, the book then moves on to oral skills such as mooting and presentations before finishing with examination and assessment skills. Acquiring key legal skills is essential to the successful study of law and recent years have seen a growth in emphasis on skills acquisition. The book covers all of the core skills which are taught on such modules and has been thoroughly revised and edited to more closely mirror the structure of core undergraduate courses.

Learning Legal Rules: A Students’ Guide to Legal Method and Reasoning (9th Edition)

This title is available as an ebook. The most trusted legal method textbook by expert authors, giving students a solid grounding to excel in their degrees. Learning Legal Rules introduces law students to the techniques of legal analysis and argument, equipping them with the knowledge and reasoning skills needed for effective study and practice of law. The text has been used in common law countries around the world as a leading legal method guide for over twenty years. Digital formats and resources Learning Legal Rules is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources. The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features and links that offer extra learning support: www. For further insight into legal skills, visit www.

Language skills, study skills, argument skills and legal knowledge are vital to every law student, professional lawyer and academic. Learning Legal Skills and Reasoning discusses the main sources of English law and explains how to work with legal Du kanske gillar. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning suggests a range of 'how-to' techniques for perfecting these academic and practical skills. It explains how to work with legal texts; how to read and write about the law; how to acquire effective disciplined study techniques; and how to construct legal arguments.

Many legal scholars and practitioners have feared that to acknowledge that logic is central to law would risk a return to the rationalistic excesses of the formalistic jurisprudences that dominated nineteenth century legal thought. It was, after all, against that formalist tradition that Holmes wrote. And it was in spirited opposition to that tradition that members of the Legal Realist movement in America, as well as the Free Law movement in Europe, directed much of their energies early in the twentieth century. There is good reason to remain skeptical of overly rationalistic accounts of law and judicial practice. The weave of historical doctrine, legal principle, and factual nuances that goes into each judicial decision is far too intricate to permit critical appraisal under any single evaluative method, including the principles of logic.

Packed full of practical examples and diagrams across the range of legal skills from language and research skills to mooting and negotiation, this new edition.

Learning Legal Rules

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II. Legal Reasoning - Explained with an Example

The purpose of this module is to provide students wishing to study law at a post-graduate level in the University of London with an introduction to law, legal method and associated skills and techniques.

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Lawyers perform many tasks. This book focuses on the core tasks with law. The core tasks are as follows: Legal Reasoning U Structuring law U Making law U Interpreting law U Using law in litigation and transactions, which involves two major tasks, namely applying law to facts and proving facts. Legal Reasoning Christopher Enright This book:. U examines the concepts of rationality and irrationality U describes the reasoning processes that should underlie the core tasks that lawyers perform. These reasoning processes should ensure that each task is done effectively and efficiently.

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