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To this end, plasma-treated spring water was used for barley grain soaking. In two-row spring barley grain, the procedure provided significantly higher water uptake capacity and grain sensitivity to water, as well as energy and germination capacity. The resulting malt showed improved moisture and grain mass.

Axel Th. The worldwide most popular textbook for brewers! Mike Eberle as its new chairman.

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Axel Th. The worldwide most popular textbook for brewers! Mike Eberle as its new chairman. Eberle succeeds Dr. Simon, Bitburg, who had made this honorary post available after 25 years in service. This is due to become an annual event held in Vielau, a district of Reinsdorf in the western Erzgebirge near Zwickau, Saxony. Well done! Graduates and lecturers of the Certified Brewmaster Course after the distribution of the certificates.

The term of office is four years. Simon, who held this tenure from to Mike Eberle 46 studied chemistry at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

He earned his PhD Dr. In the same year, he switched to the industry and joined Unilever, where he started in the sector of food development. In further stages of his professional career he was responsible for copacking development at Unilever, the technical aspects of the bulk consumer business purchasing, production, quality assurance,.

Eberle is a native of Hesse, he is married and has two daughters. Stefan Lustig not pictured Peter Himmelsbach. It is elected by the General Assembly every four years and includes a maximum of seven seats. The statement of the managing director ended with an optimistic outlook for the current year at the VLB.

On behalf of the VLB board Dr. Simon thanked the managing director and all the employees of the VLB for their commitment and hard work. The General Meeting relieved the Board of Directors and management without a dissenting vote. VLB annual report and optimistic forecast for Dr. The major reason for this was a decrease of public funding in the field of research in This one-time effect has been balanced out so far in the current year In contrast, the revenues from the operational business e.

The total income from membership subscriptions developed positively. Due to this objection, the work had to be stopped until the judgment of the Berlin Supreme Court in May In June the work has been resumed and the shell construction has now reached the first floor level. Simon 71 vacated his honorary post at the Annual General Meeting on the 29th September We spoke to him about his time as President of the VLB, about his appraisal of the current situation at the institute and about the challenges to come in the future years.

You have always emphasised that the VLB is something that is also very close to your heart. Is it particularly hard for you to step down from your post as active president? Simon: As the German phrase goes: I leave with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other. After such a long time it is naturally very difficult to relinquish something that has become so close to me. I advanced from being an undergraduate at the Technical University of Berlin to become a Doctor of Brewing Engineering and from an interested listening participant at the VLB conventions to Chairman of the Administrative Board.

It is a long history that binds us together. In — now 50 years ago — I was interested in studying brewing technology at the VLB and found myself sitting at a table with the then Managing Director, Dr. Both were great patrons of the VLB — one as practitioner, the other as scientist. From then on, grandfather Bertrand gave me a stern look over the shoulder during lectures and exams. From this first encounter onwards, the VLB had a firm hold on me.

Eventually I completed my apprenticeship and journeyman years in several different breweries and malthouses, both at home and abroad. My family considered that I was then qualified enough for a professional career in the Bitburger Brewery. Later, I was elected to succeed Dr. There, in the course of a reorganisation, I was offered the post of Treasurer. I accepted the post after some consideration — after all, at the time, the VLB found itself in a very precarious financial situation due to mismanagement at all levels through to the Board of Directors.

If, at that. However, after reorganisation and thanks to the removal of many old habits and customs, a fresh start was made by the newly elected Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Dr. Many good years were to follow.

In February , at the beginning of your presidency, an interview with you appeared in the Brauerei Forum. It dealt with the relationship with the Technical University, further developments of the VLB services sector and a large new building project. It is almost the same topics which concern the VLB some 25 years later. One could almost say that hardly anything has changed? Simon: Let me put it this way: According to our statutes the duties are naturally still the same as then: Paramount is the education and training of the prospective technical managers in the brewing industry and the transfer of scientific knowledge into operative practice and vice versa.

The joint work of the scientists and the practitioners at the conventions and in the scientific committees is founded on the idea of help for self-help. This functions well because there is no secretiveness. The latest findings from research and business practice are discussed internally and then published. As before, the VLB is sustained by the membership fees of its member companies, from the revenues received for services rendered and from public third-party funding for research projects.

Recently we have made contractual arrangements to safeguard our location with the Federal State of Berlin and with our cooperation partner TU Berlin. We have set up management structures which enable the employees to develop freely and to participate in the economic outcome of their work.

Yes, thanks to more than 30 Mio. Also, despite the concentration processes that have taken place in the brewing industry in recent decades, our membership is strongly characterised by medium-sized companies. What have changed are the general. The VLB has a good reputation worldwide. One should also realise that 25 years ago it was unthinkable that the beer market in Germany would ever shrink!

We have recognised the demographic development as well as the changes in consumer requirements and have opened up neighbouring fields of business. We have used our expertise and increased our commercial activities. Important to us, these days, is the sustainability in terms of environmental protection, limited resources and the responsibility for the social consequences of our actions.

The VLB is a non-profit organisation supported by its members and commercially managed. Its business model has remained a great success despite the economic changes. We have contractually guaranteed agreements with the Berlin Senate and the Technical University of Berlin, partake of public research funds and offer, as a further mainstay, educational and training courses as well as commercial activities in the advisory and service sectors in the fields of beer, soft drinks and spirits.

In the last 25 years there were two particularly far-reaching developments which affected the VLB: On the one hand, there was the reunification Personal details: Dr.

Simon is married, has three daughters and five grandchildren. Courses in Russian followed. The VLB conventions are very well received by the international brewing companies. The VLB is also present with scientific papers, participants and booths at all relevant international congresses and fairs. Has the VLB, in retrospect, made full use of the challenges and opportunities arising from these developments?

Simon: The answer is a clear Yes! The VLB used its opportunities correctly! Let us consider the reunification. We were well prepared. Long before reunification, representatives of brewing scientists in the GDR were invited to attend the October conventions in Berlin. The gentlemen sat together, a little to one side, but listened with interest to the lectures and discussions.

It was therefore not difficult to re-establish the former ties. After reunification, he spoke to them during his travelling visits regarding a reactivation of their VLB membership. An outpost of the VLB was opened in Dresden.

The management was in the hands of Wolfgang Kunze, the author of the easily comprehensible. It is fair to say that the VLB is a successful example of reunification. One year later, Prof. With respect to the internationalisation, in the s the VLB had already developed strategies for the acquisition of members and customers throughout the world.

This was followed by editions in Chinese, Polish and Russian. Was there a personal highlight during your period as President of the VLB on which you look back with particular enjoyment?

Simon: Not just one! I will name the three things which were decisive for me. It all started with my decision to study in Berlin.

I know that the management of the Board is in competent and reliable hands. Naturally one can also say that, where there is light, there are also shadows. Happiness and disappointments are a part of business. Human disappointments leave scars which remind one to become even better. Let us look to the future.

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The 6th English edition is an entirely new translation based on the revised 11th German edition from Meanwhile, a total of more than 62, copies of this unique reference book have been published in seven languages, with around 34, copies in German, 17, in English, 6, in Chinese, 3, in Russian, and 1, in Spanish as well as translations into Polish, Serbian, and Hungarian. The size alone speaks for itself, with around 1, pages with some illustrations — many of them in colour. In the New IPA, Scott Janish scours through hundreds of academic studies, collecting and translating the relevant hop science into one easily digest- ible book. After consultations both within the EBC and the wider network of brewers, the deci- sion was reached to start a process of reviewing the outdated Manuals. With the arrival of affordable membrane technology, the need for an assessment and inclusion into the manual became an important goal; together with a thorough overhaul of. Made with FlippingBook - Online magazine maker.

Technology Brewing and Malting. All you need to know about professional beer brewing - Textbook - 6th completely revised English edition June. Chapter 11 co-written by. Dr H J Manger. Brewing Malting.

This is it guide Technology Brewing and Malting By Wolfgang Kunze to be best You could look title by title, writer by writer, and also author by publisher to.

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International Journal of Science, Technology and Society. Abstract: In this study partial substitute of barley malt by effective use of maize, potato and enset were investigated using saccharomyces cervisiae. Barley malt is the principal ingredient in the manufacturing of beer and has traditionally been the grain of choice in the brewing industry. Therefore, this study was utilized Maize, Potato and Enset starch as a partial substitute for barley malt and to evaluate some physico-chemical quality attributes of the beer. All the experiments were conducted Dashen Brewery S.

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