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A marketing plan may be part of an overall business plan. Solid marketing strategy is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan so that goals may be achieved.

Strategic Marketing Management

By Lee Frederiksen, Ph. November 16, Any firm that wants to succeed needs a marketing plan. Without one, an organization has no systematic approach for promoting itself to potential clients. The alternative is a haphazard, start-and-stop, inefficient effort that wastes time and money — two valuable resources no professional services firm can afford to squander. However, the marketing planning process that works well for consumer products, industrial goods or not-for-profits is not well suited for professional services. This is a lesson we have learned after many years of working across these fields.

This research study outlines the impact of marketing planning and control in manufacturing company carried out with Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Benin City as a case study. It study the role and importance of marketing planning and control in the achievement of corporate objective. It is also intended to analyze some of the difficult marketing managers encountered in the execution of marketing plans and to suggest possible remedies to these difficulties. The research method used for data collection was mainly questionnaire administration and personal interview, which are both primary source in addition to desk research in area such as objective of effective marketing planning, scope of marketing planning, the contents and the benefits of the marketing planning were reviewed. The simple percentage method was used to test the hypotheses. After analysis of the relevant data collected, important findings were singled out and conclusions were drawn.

A business firm has to make various marketing decisions. These decisions actually emerge from the complex interaction of a large number of persons carrying out diverse responsibilities in the marketing organisation. Being part and parcel of the over-all management, the marketing executives are deeply involved in the process of planning. Marketing planning defines the role and responsibilities of marketing executives in such a way as to achieve the goals of the firm. It lays emphasis on the allocation of marketing resources in the best and most economical way.

Strategic Marketing: Planning and Control, Third Edition

Essentially, it is the act of making strategic decisions within a marketing plan in order to better that plan. Over the past nearly 30 years, strategic management has evolved considerably compared to what it is today. Initially, strategic managemen t, marketing, and otherwise were simply referred to as budgeting. Just as the name suggests, the methodology was mainly concerned with budgetary and control mechanisms. The methodology itself used the budget and its many variants as a way to manage marketing plans and marketing audits.

Marketing plan

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The aim of this text is to enable the reader to develop a sound theoretical and practical understanding of marketing, planning, and control. Although primarily written for those studying for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma professional marketing qualifications, this text is equally useful for industry practitioners. This is not an introductory text to the subject of marketing planning but builds on the existing knowledge that students and practitioners already hold about the principles of the subject. The aim has been to provide a clear, concise guide to the tools, techniques, and concepts necessary to undertake strategic marketing decisions. The text also covers contemporary issues by exploring current developments in marketing theory and practice including:.

Everything you need to know about marketing planning. Planning is the first and the foremost function of management. Planning precedes all the functions. Marketing planning is the starting point of all marketing and business activities of an enterprise.

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Marketing planning, implementation and control. Objectives. After reading this chapter you should be able to: • analyse the firm's current situation and develop a​.