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Something quite important has happened in American foreign policymaking with little notice or digestion of its meaning. Morality, values, ethics, universal principles — the whole panoply of ideals in international affairs that were once almost the exclusive domain of preachers and scholars — have taken root in the hearts, or at least the minds, of the American foreign policy community. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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Reshaping European Union development policy: collective choices and the new global order. Besides the material weight of its funding, the EU has retained historical ties and influence in diplomatic, political and economic terms in many of its ODA recipient partner countries particular in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the s, the EU development policy has not only undergone major structural changes in its institutional framework but also has started to face a new international aid scenario. This paper explores why a normative-based EU development policy is being challenged by reformed EU institutions and a new global order, and how the EU is attempting to respond to this context in face of the deepest recession since the end of the Second World War. The European Union EU has constructed its development policy largely on the discourse of moral responsibility and solidarity European Commission, European Parliament and European Council This discourse is centred on the idea of a normative or ethical power Aggestam, which shifts its role in the world from a positive role model to a proactive promoter of "global public goods". EU's recurrent focus is on poverty reduction and social issues, which underpins a self-portrayal as the guardian of the interests of the poor.

For decades the EU sought to enhance relations with China on the basis that it was a developing country, something that carried two main implications. First, the EU was willing to accept a relationship based on asymmetrical rules that were advantageous to the Asian giant. There are many voices in the EU, moreover, that consider the situation unsustainable, owing to the size and ambitions of China. The relationship has always been complex , offering major opportunities and challenges to European companies and governments. Despite these problems, the document that guided Sino-EU relations from onwards, the EU-China Strategic Agenda for Cooperation , describes China as a vital strategic partner for addressing the main issues on the global agenda in a multilateral international order. The member states do not have an agreed stance on relations with China.

Foreign Policy as Ethics: Towards a Re-evaluation of Values

Department of Political Science. English Staff Academic staff. Sonia Lucarelli Manners, Ian James. We have sought to understand how values and principles shape, and are shaped by, EU foreign policy relations with the rest of the world. Nobel peace prize laureate, John Hume, argued that it is the duty of everyone to understand the principles of the EU in order to resolve conflict worldwide. African aid campaigner, Bono, has reversed this argument in order to advocate that addressing the problems of Africa would give the EU a chance to re-describe its values system in a more positive way.

European Foreign Policy and Its Challenges in the Current Context

Japan and the EU are constructed as partners sharing common values such as democracy, human rights and the rule of law. As can be seen in the South China Sea territorial disputes, a more assertive China can form a challenge against global order and rule of law and could thereby be grounds for intensified cooperation between the EU and Japan. Secondly, I will discuss the implications of the rise of China on EU foreign policy.

European integration and the European Union EU are the cornerstones of German foreign policy and set its course. Strengthening EU cohesion and close cooperation with all EU member states are thus at the heart of foreign-policy action. In view of shifts in the global balance of power, Germany can only remain capable of taking action through a strong EU and by working with its European partners.

In it, the European Council commits to making more resources available and to better using those the EU already has at its disposal. It is important that announcements are now followed by actual deeds, but the conditions remain difficult. At a time when, more than ever, the EU needs to act as a united international player in order not to become a pawn in the hands of major powers, the European member states are increasingly struggling to find the energy and political will to set aside their disagreements and focus on the European common interest. Looking back on the ten years since the Lisbon Treaty became effective illustrates how difficult it remains to find the necessary consensus and support for joint foreign policy action within the CFSP framework. The EU often had no adequate answers to foreign policy crises, and its influence on the international system as a whole has declined.

We must return to the front line.

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EU Foreign Policy in East Asia: EU-Japan Relations and the Rise of China

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