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PDF 1998 – ISBN: 0824700945 – Milk and Dairy Product Technology by Edgar Spreer # 14781

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Milk has been an important food for man since the domestication of cattle and the adoption of a pastoralist agriculture. It is also the most versatile of the animal-derived food commodities and is a component of the diet in many physical forms.

At the same time, however, dairy products have been increasingly perceived as unhealthy foods and a number of high quality dairy substitutes, or analogues, have been developed which have made significant inroads into the total dairy food market.

Paradoxically, perhaps, the technology which, on the one hand, presents a threat to the dairy industry through making possible high quality substitutes offers, on the other hand, an opportunity to exploit new uses for milk and its components and to develop entirely new dairy products. Further, the development of products such as low fat dairy spreads has tended to blur the distinction between the dairy industry and its imitators and further broadened the range of knowledge required of dairy scientists and technologists.

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Milk has been an important food for man since the domestication of cattle and the adoption of a pastoralist agriculture.

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LPT 311: Milk and Milk Products Technology (1+1)

Milk Production, Processing and Marketing. The name of the book is white due to the fact that it deals with milk products. Components of milk, principles of basic milk processing e. Dairy farmers If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. In addition, ABL exclusively represents international companies specializing in processing technologies and packing equipment. Many of these producers Many of these producers seek to improve the quality of milk products, for home consumption and especially for sale.

A productive dairy industry is vital to providing safe, high-quality milk that fulfills the nutritional needs of people of all ages around the world. Dairy Production and Processing offers not only a fundamental understanding of dairy animals, dairy products, and the production aspects of each, but also a wealth of applied information on the scope of the current milk and milk products industry. The application of basic sciences and technologies throughout the text will serve students well not only as they learn the first principles of dairy science, but also as a professional reference in their careers. Study questions can be found at the conclusion of each chapter, along with relevant and informative websites. An extensive glossary is provided to enable readers to expand their knowledge of selected terms. Sign in.

Milk and Dairy Product Technology

Dairy products or milk products are a type of food produced from or containing the milk of mammals , most commonly cattle , water buffaloes , goats , sheep , and camels. Dairy products include food items such as yogurt , cheese and butter. Milk is produced after optional homogenization or pasteurization , in several grades after standardization of the fat level, and possible addition of the bacteria Streptococcus lactis and Leuconostoc citrovorum. Milk can be broken down into several different categories based on type of product produced, including cream, butter, cheese, infant formula, and yogurt. Milk varies in fat content.

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LPT 311: Milk and Milk Products Technology (1+1)

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