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industrial relations and labour laws lecture notes pdf

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Since the course is vast and it is very important for you to cover each and every topic in a given period of time. Register here to take up practice questions.

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Answer A , Labour Law C. Mercantile Law D. Factories Law Answer D , Boost your learning for better job opportunities A.

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Approaches to Industrial relations, system of IR in India. Collective Bargaining:Definition, Meaning, Nature, essential conditions for the success of collective bargaining, functions of collective bargaining, importance of Collective Bargaining, collective bargaining process, prerequisites for collective bargaining, implementation and administration of agreements. Negotiations:Types of Negotiations, Problem solving attitude, Techniques of negotiation, negotiation process, essential skills for negotiation, Workers Participation in Management. Trade Unions:Meaning, trade union movement in India, The role of the Trade Unions in Modern Industrial Society of India, functions of trade unions, objectives of important trade unions, The Trade Union Act, , procedure for registration of Trade Union, Grounds for the withdrawal and cancellation of registration, union structure, Rights and responsibilities, Penalties for offences of trade unions, Difference between a registered and a recognised. Trade Union,problems of trade unions, future trends of trade union movement in India. Grievance:Meaning and forms, sources of grievance, approaches to grievance machinery, Grievance procedures, and model grievance procedure. Discipline:Causes of Indiscipline — Maintenance of discipline.

Contents Sample Questions. Industrial Relations and Labour Laws. Nature of Industrial Relations Industrial relations is always a mixture of cooperation and conflict. However much cooperation may be sought as an organizational objective some conflict will always remain. There are at least three reasons for this 1. Both the groups labor and management develop different orientation and perceptions of their interest.

Industrial Relations (IR) is the study of the laws, conventions and institutions that regulate 'the workplace'. pioneer in industrial relations and labor research was Robert F. Hoxie. arranging of lectures, running of schools, hospitals, etc. All these are All wages shall be paid in current coin or currency notes or in both.

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We were giving the details of the course, edition, year, similar books and important topics as well. The students can also download the Labour Law Notes Pdf. Labour Laws play a vital role in the corporate sector.

Trade Disputes Act, b. Royal Commission on Labour, c. Labour Management Relations Act, d.

Labour law , the varied body of law applied to such matters as employment, remuneration, conditions of work, trade unions , and industrial relations.

Labour and Industrial Relations notes: KNEC Diploma

Then the note takers will e mail them to your assistant who ll get them copied on a special type of paper that can t be duplicated. Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act Summary notes of meetings with the employee.

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Industrial law labour law ppt notes pdf

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Nature of Industrial Relations

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This lecture is from Industrial Relations. Key important points are: Industrial Relations and Labour Laws, Treatment, Ridiculous and Infliction, Remuneration,​.

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The term labour relations, also known as industrial relations, refers to the system in which employers, workers and their representatives and, directly or indirectly, the government interact to set the ground rules for the governance of work relationships.

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Feb 19, Laws related to Industrial Relations. Title Tags: Download Industrial law labour law ppt notes pdf free PDFIndustrial law labour law ppt notes pdf notes. Similar Notes Commercial Law Lecture notes Studocu pdf · Industrial.

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The book has been written primarily to serve the needs of M.B.A., MHRM, PMIR, Diploma courses in Industrial Relations and labour Laws and competitive.