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The emerging communication and networking technologies and the way in which these are being integrated into the human, industrial, and social framework have made it evident that there are a number of related technical and socioeconomic areas whose understanding is still less than satisfactory and in which long-term research is needed.

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A computer network is a group of computers that use a set of common communication protocols over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources located on or provided by the network nodes. The interconnections between nodes are formed from a broad spectrum of telecommunication network technologies, based on physically wired, optical, and wireless radio-frequency methods that may be arranged in a variety of network topologies. The nodes of a computer network may include personal computers , servers , networking hardware , or other specialised or general-purpose hosts. They are identified by hostnames and network addresses. Hostnames serve as memorable labels for the nodes, rarely changed after initial assignment.

Anode can be a computer, printer or any other device capable of sending and receiving data generated by other nodes on the network. The middle five parts are designed to represent the five layers of the Internet model. This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of pages. Data Representation Data representation is defined as the methods used to represent information in computers. Lecture -7 … One long cable acts as a backbone to link all the devices in a network. Ph: 2 Unit I Data Communication System: Data communication refers to the exchange of data between a source and a receiver. Packet Switching.

Chapter 1: What is a Network?

The main objective of ARPANET was to develop a network that could continue to function efficiently even in the event of a nuclear attack. It is not owned by anybody. Different types are :. The main advantage of this technique is guaranteed delivery of the message. Mostly used for voice communication. This technique follows the store and forward mechanism. Transmission media: 1.

Communication And Network Concepts Ta ble of Con t e n t s Topic Name Slide No. What is Computer Network? 3 Evolution of Networking 4.

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Our Computer Networking Tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals. Our Computer Network tutorial includes all topics of Computer Network such as introduction, features, types of computer network, architecture, hardware, software, internet, intranet, website, LAN, WAN, etc. A computer network is a set of devices connected through links. A node can be computer, printer, or any other device capable of sending or receiving the data. The links connecting the nodes are known as communication channels.

A network consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources such as printers and CDs , exchange files, or allow electronic communications. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams. It is generally limited to a geographic area such as a writing lab, school, or building.

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