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agriculture trivia questions and answers pdf

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This activity aims to engage, excite and enable citizens to improve their knowledge about the agrarian economy and how the Indian agriculture sector has transformed over the years. Through this interactive quiz, participants would have the opportunity to not only test their knowledge about farming or food but also win attractive prizes. Terms and Conditions. This is a timed quiz with 20 questions to be answered in seconds.

Animal Farm

This page requires JavaScript , which you don't seem to have. Please try a different browser. Pilkington Benjamin. Further Study Full Book Quiz. Which animal hides during the Battle of the Cowshed? Boxer Clover Jessie Mollie. Pilkington Mr. Frederick Mr. Jones Snowball. By spitting on them By giving a scathing speech By urinating on them By writing Snowball a letter. Snowball Napoleon Squealer Boxer. Napoleon Moses Clover Squealer.

What is Sugarcandy Mountain? How many letters is Boxer able to learn? Which of the pigs proves the best writer? Napoleon Squealer Snowball Curly. Which pig writes the poem lauding Napoleon? Squealer Snowball Minimus Napoleon himself. What does Napoleon rename Animal Farm in his toast at the end of the novel?

Why does Napoleon believe that he is dying the morning after he drinks the whisky? Because he feels a bizarre desire to leave Animal Farm Because he has a miserable hangover Because he was visited by the vengeful ghost of Snowball during a drunken trance Because he was visited by the vengeful ghost of Old Major during a drunken trance.

With whom does Napoleon play cards at the end of the novel? Jones Mr. Wiltshire Mr. What is the name of the quasi-Marxist socialist philosophy advocated by Napoleon and Snowball? Porcinism Animalism Communalism Fourleggism.

Which animal voluntarily leaves the farm? Mollie Boxer Squealer Napoleon. He dies of old age. The windmill falls on him. Napoleon sells him to a glue factory.

Whymper shoots him. What is Mr. Lust Alcohol Gambling Cigars. Maximus Minimus Snowball Napoleon. What title does Napoleon eventually assume for himself? Which animal refuses to become excited about the windmill? Snowball sabotages it. The farmers blow it up with dynamite. It falls in a storm. Napoleon sabotages it and frames Snowball. Mollie Muriel Clover Benjamin. Which Russian leader does Snowball most resemble? Lenin Trotsky Stalin Gorbachev.

Which Russian leader does Napoleon most resemble? Stalin Trotsky Tsar Nicholas Khrushchev. What Russian institution does the raven Moses evoke? Popular pages: Animal Farm. Take a Study Break.

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Speak now. Agriculture is the sole reason we are getting everything that our body and mind need to survive and thrive. Enhance your knowledge about this science and art of cultivating plants and livestock with our online agriculture quizzes having well-researched questions. Crop planting has been done on earth for centuries. There have been new ways to plant more and new crops throughout the years and some ancient ways are still being used. Test out how much you understand basic agriculture by Sample Question.

Here at Pure Greens AZ, we get a lot of questions about farming, container farms, hydroponics, GMOs, organic certifications, and everything in between. Because we get so many questions around farming, we wanted to do a giant roundup post with all of the most frequently asked questions we get about farming. Because this article is HUGE almost 5, words! In order to get the most out of this guide you can read it all the way through, or you can use the table of contents to skip directly to the questions that are most relevant to you right now! The goal of this guide is to educate anyone who is interested about farming and all topics related to farming that make it the fascinating subject it is.

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The term soil impoverishment relates to which one of the following? What is Inter-cropping? In which one of the following States is jute not significantly cultivated? Genetic industry includes - 1 Agriculture 2 Fishing 3 Hunting 4 Mining. Colour of the tag used on certified seed bags is - 1 blue 2 purple 3 white 4 golden yellow.

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The Food and Farm Facts book features facts about food in America, how it is grown and who produces it, using color photographs and infographic style illustrations. See what's inside! Below are some ways you can use Food and Farm Facts to help others learn about American agriculture! Help us spread the word! Start a Farm Fact Friday! You can use these shareable tweets. These images are copyrighted and can only be used to share online as is.

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. Sick of having the same old arguments with the family at Christmas? Make a note of your answers and check them against the answers at the bottom. No peeking beforehand. But which team came last? What was it called?

A: Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of what? A: Sedentary human civilization. Farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to do what? A: To live in cities.

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Agriculture was the key development in the rise of what? A: Sedentary human civilization. Farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled​.