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kripke naming and necessity lecture 1 pdf

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The lecture notes are closely tied to the readings and are designed to help the student comprehend and consider the issues presented. Don't show me this again. This is one of over 2, courses on OCW.

Fiction, Myth, and General Terms.

Addenda to Saul A. Kripke’s Paper ‘Naming and Necessity’

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Kripke Naming and Necessity Lecture 1

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Varieties of descriptivism end of Lecture I The modal argument , 2. Rigidified descriptions 2. Wide-scoping descriptions 2. The semantic argument 2. The epistemic argument 3.

Rigid Designators

I would suggest you read all of Lecture I for this meeting, but we will focus on pp. You do not need to read the Preface, which considers some objections that were made after the lectures were originally published. Hale and C. Wright, eds.

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Naming and Necessity is a book with the transcript of three lectures, given by the philosopher Saul Kripke , at Princeton University in , in which he dealt with the debates of proper names in the philosophy of language. Language is a primary concern of analytic philosophers , particularly the use of language to express concepts and to refer to individuals. In Naming and Necessity , Kripke considers several questions that are important within analytic philosophy:. Kripke's three lectures constitute an attack on descriptivist theories of proper names. According to descriptivist theories, proper names either are synonymous with descriptions, or have their reference determined by virtue of the name's being associated with a description or cluster of descriptions that an object uniquely satisfies.

A rigid designator designates the same object in all possible worlds in which that object exists and never designates anything else. This technical concept in the philosophy of language has critical consequences felt throughout philosophy. In their fullest generality, the consequences are metaphysical and epistemological. Whether a statement's designators are rigid or non-rigid may determine whether it is necessarily true, necessarily false, or contingent. This metaphysical status is sometimes out of accord with what one would expect given a statement's apparent epistemological status as a posteriori or a priori. Statements affected include central ones under investigation in philosophical subdisciplines from the philosophy of science to mind to ethics and aesthetics. Hence, much of the discussion in various subdisciplines of philosophy is explicitly or implicitly framed around the distinction between rigid and non-rigid designators.

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While Kripke argued that proper names are not synonymous with definite descriptions or clusters of definite descriptions, he was silent on what the semantic contents of names might be. Further, he even speculated in the introduction to his book that the apparatus of propositions might break down given his arguments, thus further adding to the need to develop the agenda that he got underfoot. Still further, in his third lecture Kripke extended his account of proper names as being rigid designators to natural kind terms without providing arguments for such an extension and without arguing specifically that natural kind names are rigid designators. This book review is published as Geirsson, H. Disputatio , , 1 18 ; Philosophy and Religious Studies Publications.

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Is every contingent fact knowable a priori? 1. THE FREGE-RUSSELL PICTURE OF NAMES (). As we've seen, despite the.

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Kripke, Saul A. Nammg and necessity. Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. Necessity (PhIlosophy) -Addresses, essays, lectures. 2.