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Privacy Terms. Quick links. There are also a few paragraphs of biographical material on Loyd, entitled Sam Loyd: The Master Puzzler, from which I quote: "Born in Philadelphia in , Sam Loyd went on to create a career for himself as the first and greatest of American puzzle masters, publishing his first efforts while still in his teens and continuing relentlessly for decades in books, magazines and newspapers. A brilliant mathematical mind, a great composer of chess puzzles, a tireless self-promoter, and something of a rogue, Loyd was not at all above taking credit for composing puzzles he didn't actually compose and accomplishing things he didn't actually do, such as inventing the game of Parcheesi.

The Sam Loyd Company

DL Archive. Forgot your password? Click here! Net Forum Internet and Computing Downloadable chess literature. You can only view this page! Downloadable chess literature Ok, so can you help me to advance my collection of digital chess books and magazines? You can post links to books from there too but please only downloadable ones or mark those that can't be downloaded.

Oh, and they sadly don't have Dawson's "Retrograde Analysis". Read Only. The Speckmann book? I'd have to google it too Hauke, snickering at the thought of "Problem Chess Warez". Here is some more. I discovered it when I was looking for copyright things and somebody noted in Germany the copyright of the books of e. Aaron Nimzowitsch has expired.

Someone else gave a link to this site then. One more source of really old chess problem books is new google books project. Some books available as pdf scans for download. Full-text search works from Google site only. I have a limited bandwidth on my server, so please do it only if you cannot get it from google. German Wikipedia lists a new article about Conte! Carlo Cozio.

I started a scan project for public domain or otherwise publishable books on February 13rh. Warning: This applies to countries with a term of up to life of author and 70 years which is almost an international standard. If you live in one of these countries, not every book will be suitable for you. My webspace is limited so I can't host more than around pages. Mirrors are welcome! A possible but not mentioned co-author died in Walther Freiherr von Holzhausen.

I can't say the source for him being a co-author, have read it somewhere a few days ago but could as well have been wrong. At the moment it is no problem since there's not so many PD and otherwise publishable books I have. I also made an additional 90 MB space by deleting the Forchheim pictures which should be enough for maybe two more books. Wished I ever could get myself to scan the old ones. At the moment Toteutuneita oivalluksia spelling? You may be thinking of his 'Logik und Zweckreinheit I'd prefer the original.

The book "Chess problem gems by 8 eminent American composers", Kenneth S. It seems the website of Anders Thulin is down, but there is a fully functional link on the San Francisco Internet Wayback Machine, whereon I tested all downloads and found them working. Rb1, leading to a mate at move I don't know how to save the composition easily. Anders Thulin might want to mention this if he has another look at the book.

The problem is correct apart from the trial at move There is however problem 30 probably incorrect. Although I can't prove it, I believe 1. Q:c4 yields an advantage that should be big enough to mate at the 87th or an earlier move, for example 1. Q:c4 Qb2 2. Thanks for bringing this thread up in the list. Please see new article: Chess books on computers and tablets by John Nunn Technology now enables us to keep an entire chess library on a portable electronic device and to play over the moves on screen while reading your favourite book.

Grandmaster John Nunn, author and Director at the prominent publishers Gambit, talks about the growing range of books his company is converting to app format, to run on iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. You can try it out for free.

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The company was launched in after the work of Samuel Loyd and his son in the s and s. Between the years of and , Sam Loyd produced a number of puzzles and chess problems for a variety of newspapers and magazines. The puzzles he created went on to be known as some of the best of all time. Walter L Loyd began by creating a puzzle book for children, something the company would later focus on. A website containing the puzzle was also launched.

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Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems 1913

Werner Keym is a German expert in chess problems showing castling, en passant capture, and pawn promotion. For years problem-lovers have enjoyed his computer-defying puzzles, his funny chess jokes, and his stories in the tradition of Sam Loyd. Here is how Chess Problems Out of the Box is described on the back cover of the paperback edition:. Some problems appear ordinary, but most are tricky and insidious.

Readers are given an opportunity to test their analytical skills against some of the greats of the past; Steinitz and Capablanca are among the luminaries who experienced difficulty in solving the positions below. Mate in four. Steinitz and Loyd thought the diagram must be incorrect, but it is not. Mate in two. Steinitz admitted to taking over 15 minutes to solve this one.

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I read your post from last year about Sam Loyd, and how his problem was your first solve. I need to know, please, why my alternative solution would not work: 1. B x b2 or any other move 2. Q - c2 What am I missing? Can you help me please? Thank you!

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Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems 1913

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Chess Problems & Studies

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