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pain and gain this is a true story pdf

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Directed by Michael Switzer. Pain and Gain.

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Lugo envies the earnings and lifestyle of Victor Kershaw Tony Shalhoub , a member he begins to train, Motivational speaker Jonny Wu Ken Jeong inspires him to be a "do-er," Lugo plans to extort Kershaw for his assets through kidnapping and torture. Doyle eventually joins the team, after being kicked out of his halfway house. The "Sun Gym gang" finally kidnap Kershaw after several attempts, taking him to a small warehouse. Although disguised, Kershaw identifies Lugo, otherwise the scheme goes as planned: Kershaw makes calls, under duress, to provide false explanations for his disappearance, gets his family to move out of state, and signs documents that transfer his assets to Lugo. John Mese is even bribed to notarize documents in Kershaw's absence. The Sun Gym gang is able to collect Kershaw's money and assets, but realize releasing him would be a bad idea. Lugo concocts a plan to kill Kershaw by forcing him to drink liquor and crash his BMW, making it appear like a drunk driving accident.

Pain and Gain - The Untold True Story

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Pain & Gain: the true story behind the movie

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Hey, where you going? And I believe in fitness. The events you are about to see.

This surprised the Buenos Aires-born businessman as he was the victim in the true-life story of kidnapping, torture, extortion and, ultimately, redemption upon which the film is based. Instead, the film has been loosely based on a series of articles that ran in The Miami New Times in , which detailed the crimes of The Sun Gym Gang, a group of recidivist body builders who connected through a love of hard workouts and easy money. The gang conspired to kidnap Schiller, a former business partner of one of the men, force him to sign over his life and then kill him.

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To finance their voracious appetites, they became experts in the dark arts of kidnapping, torture, extortion, and murder. Two other victims weren't so lucky, ending up murdered and chopped to pieces with chainsaws, their body parts tossed into the Everglades. They were the Sun Gym Gang, and even by Magic City standards, their macabre exploits were difficult to stomach.

In the summer of , the Sun Gym featured a juice bar; aerobic workouts; free-weights; Hammer, Nautilus, and Cam machines; even baby-sitting services; and on the sly, a variety of illegal steroids available in the locker room. Just north of Miami Lakes, Sun Gym was a serious bodybuilder's hangout, run under the watchful eye of Daniel Lugo, its charismatic, fast-talking manager. Anyone could join, of course, but if you were soft and puffy, you were way out of your league here. Sun Gym's favored lads were thick and ripped. This was not a place for weekend warriors.

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What if you were kidnapped, tied to a wall for a month, starved, humiliated, tortured and then they tried to murder you, but you survived?



into the Pain & Gain true story, we learned that the real Paul Doyle is a composite of primarily Carl. Weekes, with shades of Jorge Delgado.