Isolation And Characterization Of Oil Degrading Bacteria Pdf

isolation and characterization of oil degrading bacteria pdf

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Petroleum-Tolerant Rhizospheric Bacteria: Isolation, Characterization and Bioremediation Potential

This study was aimed at isolating and characterizing hydrocarbon-degrading fungi from hydrocarbon-contaminated soil in Ogbe-Ijoh oil creek in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. Isolation and characterization were carried out using standard methods. Biodegradation assay was carried out over 25 days and monitored using the following parameters; pH, total organic carbon, and total hydrocarbon content. The fungi isolated were: Penicillium sp. This showed the ability of the fungal isolates to utilize crude oil as carbon source, producing acid during its metabolism. The highest pH value during degradation by the fungal isolates was recorded in Fusarium sp.

Water Sci Technol 29 December ; 78 12 : — The aim of this study was to isolate hydrocarbons-degrading bacteria for treatment of oily wastewater from long-standing petroleum-polluted sediments in Bohai Bay, China. Six hydrocarbons-degrading bacteria were screened and identified as Pseudomonas sp. A new approach using a combination of various bacterial species in petroleum biodegradation was proposed and evaluated for its degradation characteristics. Besides, after 14 days of culture, the biodegradation assessment markers, pristane and phytane, showed significant degradation rates of These results indicated that YJ01 could degrade a wider range of hydrocarbons as well as some recalcitrant hydrocarbon components, and can be applied for bioremediation and treatment of oil-contaminated environment. Petroleum hydrocarbons pollution PHP is becoming increasingly severe with the continuously growing demands for oil and other oil-related products.

Metrics details. The use of microorganisms in remediating environmental contaminants such as crude oil sludge has become a promising technique owing to its economy and the fact it is environmentally friendly. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs , as the major components of oil sludge, are hydrophobic and recalcitrant. An important way of enhancing the rate of PAH desorption is to compost crude oil sludge by incorporating commercial surfactants, thereby making them available for microbial degradation. Molecular characterisation of the 16S rRNA genes indicated that the isolates obtained on a mineral salts medium belonged to different genera, including Stenotrophmonas , Pseudomonas , Bordetella , Brucella , Bacillus , Achromobacter , Ochrobactrum , Advenella , Mycobacterium , Mesorhizobium , Klebsiella , Pusillimonas and Raoultella.

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Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. International Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Release of petroleum oil and its products into the environment is a worldwide concern. The present study focused on isolation, molecular identification, morphological and biochemical characterization of bacteria possessing hydrocarbon-degrading properties.

Microbial Ecotoxicology View all 42 Articles. Autochthonous bioaugmentation, by exploiting the indigenous microorganisms of the contaminated environment to be treated, can represent a successful bioremediation strategy. In this perspective, we have assessed by molecular methods the evolution of bacterial and fungal communities during the selective enrichment on different pollutants of a soil strongly polluted by mixtures of aliphatic and polycyclic hydrocarbons. Three consecutive enrichments were carried out on soil samples from different soil depths 0—1, 1—2, 2—3 m , and analyzed at each step by means of high-throughput sequencing of bacterial and fungal amplicons biomarkers. At the end of the enrichments, bacterial and fungal contaminants degrading strains were isolated and identified in order to i compare the composition of enriched communities by culture-dependent and culture-independent molecular methods and to ii obtain a collection of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms potentially exploitable for soil bioremediation. Molecular results highlighted that for both bacteria and fungi the pollutant had a partial shaping effect on the enriched communities, with paraffin creating distinct enriched bacterial community from oil, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons generally overlapping; interestingly neither the soil depth or the enrichment step had significant effects on the composition of the final enriched communities. Molecular analyses well-agreed with culture-dependent analyses in terms of most abundant microbial genera.

Besides this direct pollution, the occasionally pipeline leaks, transportation accidents, storage tank ruptures and refining petroleum is further intensifying the pollution of this area. Crude petroleum and its associated products contain many kinds of organic compounds, dominated by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Bacteria abundance, their fast growth and wide spectrum of molecules, have allowed them to be considered as a main bioremediation tool. Up to now, many bacterial strains, such as Pseudomonas , Alcanivorax , Acinetobacter , Rhodococcus , and Bacillus have been isolated from soil and water, and were effectively used for the bioremediation of petroleum contaminants. It is well established that many microbial catabolic pathways are involved in the degradation of petroleum 8. For example, the alk pathway in Rhodococcussp. Q15, which degrades C8 to C32 n-alkanes 10 ; Acinetobacter sp.

Isolation and characterisation of crude oil sludge degrading bacteria

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Science of the Total Environment, 92, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 47, Oleaginous, Fatty Substance, Lipids, 12, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 57,

The aim of this work was to isolate and characterize bacteria from two crude oil-contaminated soils which were capable of producing biosurfactant and degrade oil. The contaminated soils were located in Tehran and Isfahan oil refineries, Iran. Various traits, such as hemolytic activity, oil resolving , oil spreading, and oil emulsifying capability were used to screen the isolates.

Two yeast strains are enriched and isolated from industrial refinery wastewater. These strains were observed for their ability to utilize several classes of petroleum hydrocarbons substrates, such as n -alkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons as a sole carbon source.

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