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Philosophy and education can be viewed as two disciplines between which certain differences can be identified. Philosophy refers to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge , reality , and the existence.

Philosophy of Education

Asked by Wiki User. Philosophy is referring to the general while philosophy of education is referring to the specific. Philosophy is attempting to answer the big questions when it comes to any subject, education is just one of those subjects.

There is a direct relationship between philosophy and education. They are actually considers to be the same disciples because philosophy will use education to gain knowledge of the reality. In the United States education is very relaxed with the philosophy that no child is left behind. In Romania it is up to the student to meet the standards of the school. A Philosophy is a Belief whilst Education is learning. Both involve learning though.

Theory of education is explaining the established convention where as philosophy of education is to propose a new methodology of teaching or the content. Education, presumably, would be stuck in the world of facts. Philosophy could venture into areas where we do not or cannot know for certain. What is Concept of philosophy to education. Usually system of education is related to human existence on utilitarian value otherwise perishes.

Philosophical education teaches one what life is and what knowledge is which is indirectly connected to usual education. Greek philosophy is not necessarily Christian. To be a Christian, you believe that Jesus is the savior of humanity.

Very roughly, sciences are quantitative. Philosophy is qualitative. Science can be tested by a separate and independent party. Philosophy has a fundamental role in education.

Philosophy deals with the nature of knowledge and how we go about obtaining it so it is key to education. Sakda Prangpatanpon. Taoism is a philosophy about knowing there is bad and good in people and it should equal out.

Confucianism is a philosophy that is really strict. Discuss the nature and scope of philosophy of education.

Philosophy of education can be very important to their future career of teaching. An individuals philosophy of education will influence the type of education they want to pursue. Ask Question. Philosophy and Philosophers.

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Difference Between Philosophy and Education

The word philosophy is derived from two Greek words. Each individual has an attitude toward life, children, politics, learning, and previous personal experiences that informs and shapes their set of beliefs. Although you may not be conscious of it, this set of beliefs, or personal philosophy, informs how you live, work, and interact with others. What you believe is directly reflected in both your teaching and learning processes. This article explores the various philosophical views influence the teaching profession. It is important to understand how philosophy and education are interrelated.

Meaning & Relationship between Philosophy and Education

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Asked by Wiki User. Philosophy is referring to the general while philosophy of education is referring to the specific. Philosophy is attempting to answer the big questions when it comes to any subject, education is just one of those subjects. There is a direct relationship between philosophy and education.


What is Education?

Philosophy of education , philosophical reflection on the nature, aims, and problems of education. The philosophy of education is Janus -faced, looking both inward to the parent discipline of philosophy and outward to educational practice. This dual focus requires it to work on both sides of the traditional divide between theory and practice, taking as its subject matter both basic philosophical issues e. These practical issues in turn have implications for a variety of long-standing philosophical problems in epistemology , metaphysics , ethics , and political philosophy. In addressing these many issues and problems, the philosopher of education strives for conceptual clarity, argumentative rigour, and informed valuation.

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Philosophy makes a central contribution to the educational enterprise through its demands upon intellectual activity. Education in philosophy involves becoming aware of major figures and developments in the history of philosophy, learning up-to-date techniques and accepted answers to philosophical questions, and learning critical, interpretive, and evaluative skills that, in the overall scheme of things, may be considered to be of greatest value. Graduates of the philosophy program at James Madison University are expected to have come to terms with difficult texts dealing with advanced philosophical arguments. These readings are often quite diverse in method and content. Further, a variety of written work is part of the philosophy student's assignments, and it is expected that these assignments be carefully composed and thoughtfully addressed. Finally, informed discussion is essential to philosophy and philosophical education. This verbal interaction is expected to occur as a routine part of course offerings.

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Introduction: Philosophy of Education and Philosophy

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Meaning & Relationship between Philosophy and Education


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This introductory article explains the coverage of this book, which is about the philosophical aspects of education.

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Philosophy is the most generalized, highest-level exploration of human knowledge and activity. Within that, philosophy of education analyzes and explains the.

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