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project monitoring and evaluation lecture notes pdf

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Follow CompassforSbc. Click here to access this Guide in Arabic. It is a living document that should be referred to and updated on a regular basis.

This will ensure there is a system in place to monitor the program and evaluate success. This guide is designed primarily for program managers or personnel who are not trained researchers themselves but who need to understand the rationale and process of conducting research.

This guide can help managers to support the need for research and ensure that research staff have adequate resources to conduct the research that is needed to be certain that the program is evidence based and that results can be tracked over time and measured at the end of the program.

How to Develop a Logic Model. Identify the program goals and objectives. For example, if the program is starting a condom distribution program for adolescents, the answers might look like this:. From these answers, it can be seen that the overall program goal is to reduce the rates of unintended pregnancy and STI transmission in the community. It is also necessary to develop intermediate outputs and objectives for the program to help track successful steps on the way to the overall program goal.

Program indicators should be a mix of those that measure process, or what is being done in the program, and those that measure outcomes. Process indicators track the progress of the program. Outcome indicators track how successful program activities have been at achieving program objectives.

More information about creating indicators can be found in the How to Develop Indicators guide. After creating monitoring indicators, it is time to decide on methods for gathering data and how often various data will be recorded to track indicators. This should be a conversation between program staff, stakeholders, and donors. These methods will have important implications for what data collection methods will be used and how the results will be reported. The source of monitoring data depends largely on what each indicator is trying to measure.

The program will likely need multiple data sources to answer all of the programming questions. Below is a table that represents some examples of what data can be collected and how. Once it is determined how data will be collected, it is also necessary to decide how often it will be collected.

This will be affected by donor requirements, available resources, and the timeline of the intervention. Other types of data depend on outside sources, such as clinic and DHS data. This table can be printed out and all staff working on the program can refer to it so that everyone knows what data is needed and when.

It is important to decide from the early planning stages who is responsible for collecting the data for each indicator. Everyone will need to work together to get data collected accurately and in a timely fashion. Data management roles should be decided with input from all team members so everyone is on the same page and knows which indicators they are assigned. This way when it is time for reporting there are no surprises. Once all of the data have been collected, someone will need to compile and analyze it to fill in a results table for internal review and external reporting.

Do research staff need to perform any statistical tests to get the needed answers? If so, what tests are they and what data will be used in them? What software program will be used to analyze data and make reporting tables? These are important considerations. Another good thing to include in the plan is a blank table for indicator reporting. These tables should outline the indicators, data, and time period of reporting. They can also include things like the indicator target, and how far the program has progressed towards that target.

An example of a reporting table is below. Data should always be collected for particular purposes. For example, a program team may want to review data on a monthly basis to make programmatic decisions and develop future workplans, while meetings with the donor to review data and program progress might occur quarterly or annually.

Dissemination of printed or digital materials might occur at more frequent intervals. These options should be discussed with stakeholders and your team to determine reasonable expectations for data review and to develop plans for dissemination early in the program.

If these plans are in place from the beginning and become routine for the project, meetings and other kinds of periodic review have a much better chance of being productive ones that everyone looks forward to. Evaluation Toolbox. Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Work Plan.

United Nations. Print PDF. SBC How-to Guides are short guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform core social and behavior change tasks.

From formative research through monitoring and evaluation, these guides cover each step of the SBC process, offer useful hints, and include important resources and references. The information provided on this website is not official U. Skip to main content. Search form Search. How-to Guide. Why develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan? Who should develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan? When should a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan be developed? Who is this guide for? Step 2: Define Indicators.

Step 6: Plan for Dissemination and Donor Reporting. Resources and References References Evaluation Toolbox. Resources References. Ask a question. High rates of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections STIs transmission among youth ages Lowered rates of unintended pregnancy and STI transmission among youth Higher percentage of condom use among sexually active youth.

Study Session 15 Monitoring and Evaluation

Two tools are commonly used. Concrete Technology by A. Here trainee will practice on how to register stocks and periodically updating stock and also they will develop skills of requesting adequate stock both annually and periodically. It clarifies what monitoring and Basic principles of monitoring and evaluation Monitoring and evaluation usually include information on the cost of the programme being monitored or evaluated. Diagnostic 34 8. The other is evaluation.

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planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes in IUCN. The intent of core course\module 0 introduction\introduction nov doc. Notes.

Monitoring and evaluation lecture notes pdf

Follow CompassforSbc. Click here to access this Guide in Arabic. It is a living document that should be referred to and updated on a regular basis.

Monitoring and evaluation are important management tools that are necessary to track the progress and facilitate decision making for present and future interventions. However, there are lots of differences between them. Some major differences between monitoring and evaluation are listed below:. About Sandesh Adhikari Articles. I am Sandesh Adhikari, a dreamer, thinker, researcher and an activist.


Monitoring and Evaluation: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

It includes the gathering and analysis of information, and the reporting of processes and outputs. The system should also provide assurance that sustainability and management issues are being addressed and that supporting organisations such as local community groups are in place and functioning. SAQs SAQ Monitoring and evaluation are critically important aspects of planning and management of any programme. Monitoring is the systematic and continuous assessment of the progress of a piece of work over time, in order to check that things are going to plan. Evaluation is an assessment of the value or worth of a programme or intervention and the extent to which the stated objectives have been achieved.

This Guide is. Imperfect but symmetric information does not lead to inefficiency II. Module 8: Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Module overview 11 About this module Module 8 Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is divided into six units: Unit 1: Introduction to project planning This unit gives an overview of the different tasks that are involved in the design, development and implementation of a project. The Global Fund accepts contributions from governments, corporations, foundations and individuals. Definition B. March 3,

Buy high school and primary school exams with marking schemes. Institution: Strathmore University question papers. Upon this platform, the government started many programmes and projects which had both economic and social impact on its citizens.

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Monitoring and evaluation lecture notes pdf

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