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difference between magnetic storage and optical storage pdf

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Magnetic storage

Optical storage is the storage of data on an optically readable medium. Data is recorded by making marks in a pattern that can be read back with the aid of light, often a beam of light focused on a spinning optical disk. Therefore, an optic disk is any computer disk that uses optical storage techniques and technology to read and write data. They are generally used as a portable and secondary storage device. Optical disks are commonly used to:.

The Magnetic disk and Optical disk are the storage devices provides a way to store data for a long duration. These disks differ in many characteristics; firstly magnetic disk works by using magnetising material over the disk whereas in optical disk polycarbonate plastic is used in its construction and laser is used to store and retrieve the data. The magnetic and optical disk comes under the category of secondary storage devices. The need to devise these devices has emerged because the previous semiconductor storage devices have very limited capabilities, for example, the cost of storing the information in such devices is very high. Used in streaming files.

Discuss the comparison in terms of technical aspects and give example for each:. Magnetic Storage Devices: Magnetic storage is one of the most affordable ways to store large amounts of data. Magnetic storage uses the two types of magnetic polarities to represent the binary information consisting of zeros and ones. Commonly used devices that use magnetic storage include magnetic tape, floppy disks and hard-disk drives. Optical Storage Devices: IBM defines optical storage as "any storage method that uses a laser to store and retrieve data from optical media.

8 Differences between optical and magnetic storage devices.

Data storage is the recording storing of information data in a storage medium. Handwriting, phonographic recording, magnetic tape , and optical discs are all examples of storage media, some authors even propose that DNA is a natural data storage mechanism. Electronic data storage requires electrical power to store and retrieve data. Data storage in a digital, machine-readable medium is sometimes called digital data. Computer data storage is one of the core functions of a general-purpose computer.

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The Magnetic disk and Optical disk are the storage devices that provide a way to store data for a long duration. Both are categorized under the category of secondary storage devices. Magnetic disk: A magnetic disk is a storage device that uses a magnetization process to read, write, rewrite and access data. The Magnetic disk is made of a set of circular platters. It is covered with a magnetic coating and stores data in the form of tracks, spots, and sectors.

Optical storage devices are flat, round disks which spins around its center. The difference with magnetic storage devices is that in optical storage devices LASER light is used to read and write data in disks. Examples are CD, DVD etc.

Difference Between Optic Disk And Magnetic Disk (With Comparison Chart)

Magnetic storage or magnetic recording is the storage of data on a magnetized medium. Magnetic storage uses different patterns of magnetisation in a magnetizable material to store data and is a form of non-volatile memory. Magnetic storage media, primarily hard disks , are widely used to store computer data as well as audio and video signals. In the field of computing, the term magnetic storage is preferred and in the field of audio and video production, the term magnetic recording is more commonly used. The distinction is less technical and more a matter of preference.

Differences between optical and magnetic storage devices are how they store and retrieve data. Both devices are used for long term data storage. Online Class Notes, your source for class notes of different course of computer science and technology degree.

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Magneto Optical Storage Device Example

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Difference between Magnetic and Optical Storage

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Are Flash Drives Optical or Magnetic?

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Flash drives, also known as USB drives or jump drives, contain mini circuit boards with memory chips to save and retain your data and information.