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monkey and the cap seller story pdf

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On one fine day, he was selling caps. Five rupees caps, ten rupees caps…. He decided to sit under a big tree to take rest for a while.

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Cap Seller is a lovely lucid tale for children. It illustrates how common sense and wisdom can prevail over force and war. It teaches wisdom to children in a very intriguing way with characters that children can easily relate to. After all Childhood is full of fantasies fanned by a fertile imaginative. So, stories are a lovely medium to gently accustom children to the ways of the world and to inculcate wisdom.

The Monkey and The Cap Seller - Short Story for Kids

Oral tradition Indian folktale from the Panchatantra CE. A much loved story about the importance of listening to and learning from stories. A cap seller sets out to market with a heavy sack of caps to sell. In the heat of the day, he settles down in the shade of a tree to rest, laying his bag down beside him. When he wakes the bag is empty and the tree is full of monkeys — and every monkey is wearing one of his caps. What is he to do? And what happens to his son, many years later, when he fell asleep under that tree with a sack full of hats beside him?

Once in a small town, there lived a man who used to sell caps. The cap seller used to sell caps in all the nearby towns and villages. One day, as usual, he was starting with his business. He decided to go to the next village. He was going to sell his caps in the village market. Also read, The Clever Monkey Story. Five rupees caps, ten rupees caps!

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The Cap-Seller and The Monkeys

Once upon a time, a cap seller was traveling by walk by way of a forest to a village. It was a very warm day and so he chose to lay down under a tree and take sleep for sometime till the sun sets down. As he was extremely tired he slept quickly. They opened the bag and found the colourful caps inside.

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The Cap Seller and The Monkeys

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The Cap Seller and the Monkeys




A Cap Seller and the Monkeys - Short storyYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkThere was a cap seller in a city.

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Short Stories for Kids: The Monkey and The Cap Seller, a moral story about wisdom You can also download this short story in PDF.

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