Convergent And Discriminant Validation By The Multitrait Multimethod Matrix Pdf

convergent and discriminant validation by the multitrait multimethod matrix pdf

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A statistical method that allows researchers to investigate the convergent and discriminant validity of psychological measures as well as method effects. According to Campbell and Fiske , convergent validity refers to correlations between measures that assess the same construct using different methods e.

The implications of convergent and discriminant validity data for instrument validation

Test developers ought to publish only measurement instruments meeting the guidelines specified by the APA standards Franzen, Construct validation is an ongoing process Franzen, To this end, Campbell and Fiske introduced the Multitrait-Multimethod MTMM Matrix, an evaluation method of the acceptability of questionnaires as measures of constructs or latent variables Price, This method involves a correlation matrix customized to enhance the evaluation of construct validity 1 in terms of the discriminant and convergent validity Brown, The method that Campbell and Fiske operationalize is based on the idea that theoretically related scores of the same or similar traits should also show high positive correlations with each other whereas theoretically unrelated scores of different constructs should also show low or insignificant correlations. More specifically, two or more traits are measured with two or more methods. Traits could be hypothetical constructs about stable characteristics, like cognitive abilities.

Convergent and discriminant validity of the perceived risk scale in business-to-business context using the multitrait-multimethod approach. Consumer marketing literature is abundant with research on perceived risk. However, little research has investigated the perceived risk measure in business-to-business, specially regarding its various measurement methodologies employed with respect to their validity. A basic goal of marketing as a science is to provide theoretical explanations for buying-selling behaviour. Whoever seeks such explanations normally borrows and develops constructs and theoretical propositions that cannot be promptly generalized.

Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis

It seems intuitively compelling to many investigators that measurements, on the same subjects by different methods, purportedly of the same given trait are somehow better evidenced to be mutually valid measurements of that trait to the degree that they are intercorrelated. It is similarly compelling that measurements on the same subjects of purportedly different and uncorrelated traits are somehow better evidenced to be valid measurements to the degree that they are not intercorrelated. I hope to show in what follows that this intuition is misleading unless certain rather demanding prerequisites are satisfied. Then I hope to show that contrary demonstrations are generally too indecisive to consitute validity disconfirmations. Finally, I shall consider some issues in the practical use of the indecisive multitrait-multimethod data. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

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Convergent validity

The multitrait-multimethod MTMM matrix is an approach to examining construct validity developed by Campbell and Fiske Multiple traits are used in this approach to examine a similar or b dissimilar traits constructs , as to establish convergent and discriminant validity between traits. Similarly, multiple methods are used in this approach to examine the differential effects or lack thereof caused by method specific variance.

Convergent validity , a parameter often used in sociology , psychology , and other behavioral sciences , refers to the degree to which two measures of constructs that theoretically should be related, are in fact related. Convergent validity can be established if two similar constructs correspond with one another, while discriminant validity applies to two dissimilar constructs that are easily differentiated. Campbell and Fiske developed the Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix to assess the construct validity of a set of measures in a study. In other words, in order to establish construct validity, you have to demonstrate both convergence and discrimination. Convergent validity can be estimated using correlation coefficients.

Multitrait-multimethod matrix

Convergent & Discriminant Validity

More details. Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis A statistical method that allows researchers to investigate the convergent and discriminant validity of psychological measures as well as method effects. Correlations between different traits measured by the same method, called heterotrait-monomethod scores, provide evidence of the degree to which the results are due to a methods factor, irrespective of what is being measured, and if measures of theoretically different traits, using the same method, do not correlate highly with one another, this constitutes evidence of discriminant validity.

Convergent and discriminant validity are both considered subcategories or subtypes of construct validity. But, neither one alone is sufficient for establishing construct validity. I find it easiest to think about convergent and discriminant validity as two inter-locking propositions.

A conspicuously unsuccessful multitrait-multimethod matrix is provided by Campbell (, ) for rating of the leadership behavior of officers by themselves.

Convergent and discriminant validation by the multitrait-multimethod matrix.

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The present study examines the construct validity of separation anxiety disorder SAD , social phobia SoP , panic disorder PD , and generalized anxiety disorder GAD in a clinical sample of children.

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