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In this course students will learn how to take advantage of 3D modeling and printing as it applies to the traditional ceramic practice of slip casting. Students will study the aesthetic qualities of sculptural form as well as the technical aspects of the process.

EP0147478B1 - Slip-casting slurry for manufacturing silicon carbide bodies - Google Patents

Mold making and casting are central techniques in the history of art and design. In the world of art, the techniques of mold making and casting have served as tools by sculptors and other artists: in both studies that lead to the final form of an artwork, or as a means of reproducing an artwork. And increasingly, contemporary artists see them as the work of art in and of themselves. But these processes also play leading roles outside of fine art, and support areas as varied as scientific research and mass manufacture in the automotive industries. Many of the decorative and everyday objects you yourselves use have been made through various mold making processes! Read on to learn more about the techniques, uses and history of mold making and casting, as we jump through time and land on select examples and periods of note! A mold is a block that contains a hollow cavity in a desired shape.

Mouldmaking and Plaster of Paris

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Martin has devised a template system for designing forms for mold making. See could try every kind of ceramic process of forming, glazing and fir- ing. The mold is a conversion device that changes heavy cal manual or write poetry. Mold Making and Slip Casting Workshops A creative approach to making pots beyond the mere repetition of form with Andrew Martin Andrew Martin is a definitive ceramic artist. In his mold making and slip casting workshops he offers years of experience as a producing studio potter and teacher.


Milo shows how you can make your own mold knife using readily available, affordable blades. In this resin casting tutorial video, we demonstrate how to mix and pour Smooth Cast liquid plastic resin. Mold box construction, model preparation and release agent application for a 2 part pour on mold are covered in this video. Learn how to save material and money by making your silicone mold conform to the shape of your model. How to make a support shell for a brush on silicone mold using Plasti-Paste trowelable plastic.

Introduction: SlipCasting

You must be logged-in in order to download this resource. If you do not have an AOE account, create one now. If you already have an account, please login. Slip casting, for me, has always been one of the most difficult art-making processes to get right. I find a one-piece mold of a tapered cup is the easiest way to start. Below is our process. Get yourself a box into which you can pour the plaster.

This is a step by step tutorial on how to slip cast. Slip casting can be useful for making multiples of one object and to make casts that are hollow on the inside. This tutorial is demonstrating how to slip cast porcelain in an already existing plaster mold easily and efficiently. Below You will find images of the materials needed to complete this tutorial. Turn your one gallon of Slip ware horizontally and roll back and forth for 5 minutes to get the slip well mixed.

Made a few one part moulds and two part moulds with some success so I thought lets try a three part mould. We just use slightly watered down liquid hand soap when making plaster molds in my studio. Just stir carefully so it doesn't make bubbles. Here's a sheet that I give my students for calculating the amount of plaster needed:. Plaster Mixing.

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