The Ritual Killing And Burial Of Animals European Perspectives Pdf

the ritual killing and burial of animals european perspectives pdf

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New perspecties on human-animal relations in the historical past Pluskowski, Aleksander [Publ. Critical concepts in archaeology Pt.

Animal remains from twelve Iron Age ca. Rarefaction analysis of the species richness and anatomical distribution indicates that the samples included both general domestic waste type and species and element-selective deposits of cattle and horse skulls, mandibles and limb bones.

The Norse in Iceland

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This article presents a brief summary of the traditional interpretations of horse remains in burials of this period and presents an alternative interpretation of these remains with particular reference to the Viking cemetery at Pierowall, Westray, Orkney Islands which is dated c. AD — It is argued that the act of horse deposition at Pierowall should be understood in the wider social context of the Scandinavian Peninsula and Scottish Islands during the initial period of west-ward expansion and social and political upheaval. It is in this context that the act of horse burial performed a specific communicative function which served to create and strengthen cultural allegiances with trading groups travelling from the Scandinavian Peninsula towards the western seaboard of Scotland, and into the Irish Sea. How to Cite: Cooke S. This article explores the concept of animals, particularly horses in the funerary ritual of the Vikings 1 using the example of Pierowall in Orkney, as a means to create and consolidate cultural allegiances in the pioneering stage of Viking expansion. By considering horses in the Pierowall graves not in isolation or solely as inclusions based on religious belief or status, but in the wider social context of the Scandinavian Peninsula and settlement of the Scottish Islands with particular reference to expanding trade networks, alternate interpretations can be made.

Flesh on the Bones: Animal Bodies in Atlantic Roundhouses.

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The Norse in Iceland

Print Send Add Share. Notes Abstract: As noted by Brothwell over thirty years ago, "[archaeological] remains of dogs have been discovered in Peru for over years, but relatively little information is available on them" Brothwell ; this situation is little changed in the ensuing decades. Although dog remains have been uncovered in their hundreds, perhaps thousands, no synthesis exists of their cultural context and meaning geographically and temporally. Andean collections in both Peru and in North America remain little studied, yet hold much important information on not only the dogs themselves, but on their related human counterparts as well. Dogs were in some cases restricted as status items in the same way as precious metals and vicuna cloth and other forms of wealth were in the Inca Empire, reserved for persons and families of status.

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The Inca Dogs and Their Ancestors

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The Norse discovery and settlement of Iceland in the late ninth century AD offers a test case for the study of human impacts on previously unoccupied landscapes and the formation of new societies under challenging conditions.