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It is axiomatic in the study of International Relations IR to treat the emergence of the Westphalian roots of the present pattern of international society as the simultaneous beginnings of a secular system of sovereign states that acknowledge no authority higher than their own. Power rules relations between states, as realists would have one believe, by imposing fear or attaining goals by overcoming the resistance of the weak.

Christianity and politics

The ban on political campaign activity by charities and churches was created by Congress more than a half century ago. The Internal Revenue Service administers the tax laws written by Congress and has enforcement authority over tax-exempt organizations. Here is some background information on the political campaign activity ban and the latest IRS enforcement statistics regarding its administration of this congressional ban. In , Congress approved an amendment by Sen. Lyndon Johnson to prohibit c 3 organizations, which includes charities and churches, from engaging in any political campaign activity. To the extent Congress has revisited the ban over the years, it has in fact strengthened the ban.

The Catholic Church in International Politics

China has witnessed a religious revival over the past four decades, in particular with a significant increase in Christian believers. The number of Chinese Protestants has grown by an average of 10 percent annually since Though the rise of Christianity presents the officially atheist Chinese Communist Party CCP with challenges, it also provides new options for improving services, such as health care and education, for an increasingly demanding public. The government recently launched a series of initiatives to further regulate, and at times restrict, Christian adherents. Early waves of Christianity began with the arrival of Italian Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci in China in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

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The Bible was political in every sense: it was the object of political battles in its translation and dissemination; it was a source of political thought and legitimacy; it was a model for how one should govern and, equally, for political opposition. For some, its authority could trump secular power; for others, policing its misuse was among the most troubling tasks of governance. It is also the case that the political nature of the Bible changed drastically across the period covered in this book. The tensions between the established Anglican Church, its Puritan edges, and the survival of Catholicism were at the very centre of English political life in the century following the break from Rome, and the Bible was very frequently at issue, either directly or indirectly. Fierce disputes over idolatry, church decoration, and the role of preaching in religion were all dependent on diverse scriptural readings. The doctrinal fissures between Rome and the Protestantisms of Europe devolved upon the claims to interpretative authority, whether, as Catholics argued, interpretation had to be rooted in a centuries-old mediating tradition, to tether how the Bible was understood, or, as Protestants often claimed, that the scriptures were plain and perspicuous, containing the tools for understanding within their own pages.

Religion and Politics: Integration, Separation and Conflict

This website is coordinated by Modus Operandi. Ali Mubarak , Lahore, Keywords: Use of religion for war, use of religion for peace Peace according Islam To analyse conflicts from a cultural point of view India Pakistan. Both religion and politics have one common goal: that is to acquire political power and use it to fulfill their aims. However, to achieve this object, their methods are different.

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Charities, Churches and Politics

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A brief treatment of church and state follows.