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Susan has revised it to a CD pattern format. There are three lessons. This is a Steampunk version of Jonah and the Whale. The Whale opens his mouth to reveal Jonah seated inside in his diving gear patiently waiting to get free. He has some Paperclay and Craft Foam parts and is embellished with gears, brads and beads.

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A short summary of this paper. Introduction I. The ProblemJonah, as we shall see, is under attack from a variety of angles and directions. Authorship, dating, and content 6 are all assailed. The book is undermined either as allegory or parable, and therefore not historically factual; or lampooned as trivial, a children's story, 7 unworthy of adult attention. The prophetic statements in Jonah, when stripped of their covering, boil down to two brief sentences, neither overwhelming nor valuable to our focus.

In short, Jonah, at first glance, is simply a waste of serious adult time, according to the gainsaying critics. Rating as a Children's StoryAs far as any rating for childhood audiences is concerned, Jonah is simply unfit. Considered in its realistic environment, Jonah is suitable for mature audiences only.

Far from being peaceful, Jonah's childhood was fraught with danger, distress, and turmoil on every side: most likely he had seen firsthand what invading enemy armies do to women and children. During his reign he embarked on a vast program of expansion, first conquering the peoples to the north in Asia Minor as far as Nairi and exacting tribute from Phrygia, then invading Aram modern Syria conquering the Aramaeans and neo Hittites between the Khabur and the Euphrates Rivers.

His harshness prompted a revolt that he crushed decisively in a pitched, two-day battle. According to his monument inscription while recalling this massacre he says 'their men young and old I took prisoners. Of some I cut off their feet and hands; of others I cut off the ears noses and lips; of the young men's ears I made a heap; of the old men's heads I made a minaret.

I exposed their heads as a trophy in front of their city. The male children and the female children I burned in flames; the city I destroyed, and consumed with fire. On his return home he moved his capital to the city of Kalhu biblical Calah, Nimrud. At the very least he heard adults talking about Assyrian behavior.

Shalmaneser III , Ashurnasirpal's successor, was possibly less cruel, yet was far more powerful. It is Shalmaneser who appears to exact tribute from Israel for the first time. One reason he did not come further south, may be that Aram turned him back.

Another possibility may be that Israel, as well as others, bribed him into going home. When Shalmaneser III returned, he may have been repulsed at the Battle of Qarqar : for after the battle, Hadadezer of Aram was still on his throne. Ahab of Israel allied with Aram in that battle. Israel became an Assyrian vassal state in the days of Jehu This Assyrian juggernaut that other human armies cannot resist will be further delayed from attacking Israel for a time by the voice of a seemingly lone preacher: one with God is always a majority.

Nothing about the reality of Jonah's world suggests a children's story. Rating as Allegory or ParableIt is Christ's emphasis on the life of Jonah as a literal reality that forces us to sit up and take notice of Jonah as historical. Christ Himself takes great interest in Jonah's acts and writing, and Jonah is fundamental, even pivotal to much of Christ's debate.

If Jonah fails, Christ, to a considerable extent, also fails. A sign will not be given to her, except for the sign of Jonah the prophet: for, even as Jonah remained in the womb of the creation, 28 three days and three nights; even so, the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth, three days and three nights.

See, here [is] a greater than Jonah! Hence, the evidence leaves no opening for interpretation as either allegory or parable. Rating as RealityWhat remains, is Jonah as a serious adult profound interaction concerning realities of the Assyrian threat in the days leading up to the reign of Jeroboam II of Israel.

Neither Israel nor all of its allies together have the strength to resist Assyria. Damascus has survived the Battle of Qarqar , 30 and will survive several more Assyrian attacks, before finally falling to the Assyrian juggernaut. Jehu will be found groveling before the throne of Shalmaneser III.

It is not a children's story. It is not allegory or parable. It is closest to the idea of a modern ambassador singlehandedly staving off armed conflict with a hated adversary, by going to that adversary to discuss terms of peace. As it turns out, Jonah may just be the greatest human preacher that has ever lived. As foolish as his antics seem, he did get amazing results. Even so, we will find that the underlying reasons for this smashing success are not at all what we expected. We've quoted every reference from the Fathers that we could find after thorough searching.

Christ is not the only one who views Jonah as historic reality: virtually all of the Church Fathers also held Jonah to be historic reality. Text CriticismEven though a thorough evaluation of the text is beyond our scope and capabilities, 32 we believe that the published Greek text is essentially sound. Indeed, we also believe that the Septuagint LXX 33 is the oldest and best witness to the underlying Hebrew prototype manuscript as it existed in the second century BC.

Next to the LXX, the Vulgate is the best witness to the underlying Hebrew prototype manuscript as it had evolved by the late fourth century AD. It was only revived among scholars as the MT, and as a popularly spoken language with the founding of the State of Israel in The reader can find any number of commentaries and translations based on the MT; 39 Vulgate based commentaries and translations are a little harder to find; 40 LXX based commentaries and translations are nearly nonexistent.

Divine RelationshipThere is a definite centrality of divine relationship in the life of Jonah, or in the book that bears his name. Direct references to the divine occur some forty-six times in the Greek Old Testament text. It is cardinal that references to the Divine Person occur roughly twice as often as references to Jonah himself. Thus, the book of Jonah is about God, with Jonah being a secondary character. AuthorshipThere is much debate over the authorship of Jonah. Volumes stand written on the subject.

Multiple authors and redactors are proposed. Theories run from the laughable to the ridiculous to the trivial. None are compelling.

Jonah is a vignette of a biography of God, written by an autobiographical-observer named Jonah. Thus, Jonah inserts himself as a participant in God's biography. The I and my ProofNumerous "I" passages reveal that the book is largely autobiographical: 44 the standard formula or idiom is, "Then Jonah prayed I", corresponding to the first person singular, and occurring in both Greek and Hebrew approximately ten times. The Psalms ObjectionThe objection that Jonah is not autobiographical because these prayers are all quotations from Davidic Psalms.

Our reply: this objection is met by Jonah , where the standard formula " Because Jonah 4 has such material that is not contained in any Psalm, it is much harder to make Jonah 4 into a quotation of prior literature.

Besides, it is perfectly normal in prayer to include references to favorite hymns and Psalms: this simply does not militate against Jonah's autobiography.

Nevertheless, Jonah is exclusively about God, one bitter grieving man, a handful of terrified sailors, and a multitude of Ninevites, God Himself being the primary subject, Jonah being the primary object. The reader is left to his or her own opinion. DateThis date is more important than it seems to be on the surface. A late date is incorrectly thought by some to put Jonah into unnecessary conflict with his contemporaries Hosea and Amos, since Jonah shows Assyria at peace with Israel, whereas Hosea and Amos show Assyria as the final conqueror of Israel.

Moreover, no conflict exists because the subject matter differs: Jonah predicts the recovery of territory from Aram, nowhere does he deal with the final state of Israel at the hands of Assyria, even though he, as a prophet of God, most likely knew the outcome already: so, conflict only exists in the minds of detractors. The gainsaying critics are comparing apples to oranges: doing that is a philosophical category mistake. We must attempt to find relationships that fit best with all the facts.

The 2 Kings passage 57 is very useful, it fixes the date, Jonah's profession, and Jonah's locale. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord: he did not depart from all the sins of Jeroboam, son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin. He restored the borders of Israel from Lebo-Hamath to the Arabah, according to the word of the Lord God of Israel, which He spoke by the hand of his servant Jonah, son of Amittai, the prophet, who was from Gath-hepher: 58 for the Lord saw that the affliction of Israel, was very bitter: for Israel was few in number, caught in a narrow place, living in want, destitute, and had no champion.

So, the Lord promised that He would not blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: yet he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash. There is no good reason to prohibit Jonah from being dated as early as BC or even earlier. The Aramaisms in the text mentioned above do not argue for a later historical date. However, both Hosea and Amos also serve during the reign of Jeroboam II, so the exact nature of their contemporary interaction cannot be determined: even so, no contradiction exists.

The phrase, "in accordance with the word Indeed, this text suggests that Jeroboam II skated into a position of enduring prominence on Jonah's coattails, for it was not Jeroboam II who defeated the Assyrians, but Jonah subdued them. This fact together with the autobiographical nature of the book suggests such a conclusion. This answer holds much of the key to, and unlocks any understanding of the book, we might have. Without this key, we could not possible know that any of the events in the book ever happened, or that Jonah ever went to Nineveh.

Without this key, all knowledge of the book is impossible. Jonah wrote the book after he returned from Nineveh, after he had again met with the sailors who had thrown him into the sea. Locations Gath-hepherThe Kings passage 63 locates Jonah at Gath-hepher, which is in Galilee, about three miles north of Nazareth and just over half a mile from Cana: Gath-hepher is possibly his birthplace, hometown or principal residence.

SamariaHowever, his work necessarily takes him other places like Samaria: 65 for his first assigned task appears to be to bring the message of the kingdom of God to Israel, since he is most likely the direct successor of Elijah and Elisha.

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Sold-out-to-Jesus Christians don t believe it s an allegory. With so many miracles described in the Bible, there s no reason to believe the Jonah Bible story couldn t happen, word for word. Jesus authenticates and references the event in Mathew 12 I always loved the story of Jonah and the whale. Why do we read it during Go to Ninveh and tell them in 40 days I will destroy the city. On the surface, the tale of Jonah is one of the Bible's most familiar stories. Ibn Ezra apparently means to say that like poets, there are prophets born with a talent This midrash implies that Jonah's prophesying stopped after the story in the Book of Jonah, Why did Jonah get angry and still want God to destroy Nineveh? He wants everyone to see him.

Jonah and the Whale - PDF Download [Download]

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Saying sorry: Jonah and the Whale

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Jonah and the Whale - PDF Download [Download]

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