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all the light we cannot see pdf chapter 4 and 5

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All the Light We Cannot See is told in almost short chapters, and constantly cuts back and forth between two main characters: Werner Pfennig , a young German boy with an aptitude for radio engineering, and Marie-Laure LeBlanc , a young, blind French girl who excels at reading and studying science.

The story is told un-chronologically, but the timeline is simplified for the purposes of this summary. Marie-Laure begins to lose her eyesight, and goes blind. Marie-Laure becomes concerned that her father will die from the curse, but Daniel assures her the curse is a myth. In , Werner Pfennig is an 8-year-old boy who lives with his sister, Jutta , at an orphanage in Germany. The head of the orphanage, a Frenchwoman named Frau Elena , teaches him to speak French as well as German, and encourages him to explore his interests in science.

One day, Werner stumbles upon a radio. He and Jutta experiment with the radio, and are amazed to discover a broadcast coming from miles away. The broadcast consists of a series of fascinating lectures on science. Werner develops a reputation for being a great repairman. One day, he repairs the radio of a powerful official named Herr Siedler , who shows his gratitude by recommending him to a prestigious Nazi school, the National Institute. Werner passes his exams with flying colors.

Around this time, Jutta begins to grow more distant from Werner. In , the Germans invade Paris, and Marie-Laure and her father decide to leave the city. He and three other employees have been given diamonds three of which are fake, one of which is real and sent to different parts of the country. Marie-Laure discovers that Etienne is an eccentric but highly likeable man. Werner wins the favor of Dr.

Hauptmann , a professor who gives Werner challenging physics assignments. Before long, Werner is working with Hauptmann to design a complex radar system that will one day be used to find enemy soldiers.

Werner also befriends a thoughtful, gentle student named Frederick. Werner learns that Frederick is only in the National Institute because his parents are rich.

In Saint-Malo, Daniel builds Marie-Laure a model of the city so that she can train herself to walk through the streets. One day, Daniel tells Marie-Laure that he has to leave immediately.

Madame Manec and her elderly friends work together to undermine the Nazis in small ways. Also, an old man named Harold Bazin gives Marie-Laure the key to a secret hiding place—a grotto in the city wall, at the edge of the sea. Madame Manec grows sick and dies. Inspired by her bravery, Etienne and Marie-Laure decide to fight the Germans together.

Etienne launches a series of secret radio broadcasts, and every day, Marie-Laure buys a loaf of bread from the bakery, which contains a scroll with important resistance information. At the National Institute, Werner begins to resent his teachers while also enjoying their sadistic games. One day, the teachers order all the students to torture a prisoner. Werner obliges, but Frederick refuses. Werner loses Dr. Hauptmann tells the army that Werner is old enough for military service, and Werner is shipped off to fight.

During his time in the army, Werner uses radios to track down enemy broadcasters in Russia, and his fellow soldiers then murder them. It is now the early s, and a greedy Nazi official named Sergeant Major Reinhold von Rumpel tries to track down the Sea of Flames diamond.

Von Rumpel arrives in Saint-Malo around the same time that Werner and his fellow troops are shipped there. Von Rumpel learns that Marie-Laure will know where the diamond is. At the same time, Werner is ordered to find the location of a resistance broadcast network. In , the Allies prepare to bomb Saint-Malo.

German soldiers, including Werner and his superior, Frank Volkheimer , prepare for an air raid by hiding beneath a hotel. Etienne is arrested as a resistance fighter and sent to jail, leaving Marie-Laure alone in his house.

In August, American airplanes drop leaflets ordering all French citizens to leave the town. Marie-Laure, blind, is unable to understand, and stays behind. Late at night, the airplanes bomb the city. In the bombing, Marie-Laure is able to survive, but Werner and Volkheimer are trapped in a cellar under the hotel with only a radio.

The Allies continue bombing Saint-Malo. Afraid, Marie-Laure goes to hide in the secret radio room. Von Rumpel searches the house but finds nothing—Marie-Laure has taken the diamond with her. In the radio room, Marie-Laure makes her own broadcasts, in which she reads aloud from her favorite book, 20, Leagues Under the Sea.

Werner hears the broadcast on his radio. He also hears Marie-Laure say that the man in her house is trying kill her. Volkheimer and Werner decide to use a grenade to bomb their way out of the cellar—amazingly, the plan works. Marie-Laure decides to trust Werner, and climbs out. Werner, recognizing that Marie-Laure is blind, leads her to safety. Marie-Laure and Etienne move back to Paris, and over the next ten years they remain close.

After Etienne dies, Marie-Laure becomes a noted scientist specializing in the study of mollusks and whelks. In the s, Frank Volkheimer tracks down Jutta, now married with a young child. Volkheimer gives Jutta the tiny model house, in which Jutta finds the key to the grotto.

Jutta then finds Marie-Laure, now a middle-aged scientist with a daughter, and gives her the model house. We learn that before Etienne died, he hired a private investigator to determine what happened to Daniel: as it turns out, Daniel was arrested and died of influenza while he was in prison. It also becomes clear that Marie-Laure has left the Sea of Flames in the grotto. In , Marie-Laure is an old woman with a distinguished career behind her.

One day, she goes walking through Paris with her grandson, Michel. All the Light We Cannot See. Plot Summary. Leaflets 0. Bombers 0. The Girl 0. The Boy 0. Saint-Malo 0. Number 4 rue Vauborel 0. Cellar 0. Bombs Away 1. Zollverein 1. Key Pound 1. Radio 1. Take Us Home 1. Something Rising 1. Light 1. Our Flag Flutters Before Us 1. Around the World in Eighty Days 1. The Professor 1. Sea of Flames 1. Open Your Eyes 1. Fade 1. The Principles of Mechanics 1. Rumors 1. Bigger Faster Brighter 1.

Mark of the Beast 1. Letter 1: Jutta 1. Good Evening. Or Heil Hitler if You Prefer 1. Making Socks 1. Flight 1. Herr Siedler 1. Exodus 2. Saint-Malo 2. Number 4 rue Vauborel 2. Hotel of Bees 2.

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From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous All the Light We Cannot See is Anthony Doerr's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a Part 3: “Vienna” through “The Arrest of the Locksmith” · Part 4–Part 5: “The Fort​.

all the light we cannot see

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All the Light We Cannot See

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She goes blind because of cataracts, and he helps her cope with blindness by buying her Jules Verne adventure novels written in Braille and by building her a wooden replica of their neighborhood so she can learn to navigate it blind. He and Marie-Laure evacuate Paris to deliver the stone to a friend of the museum. Werner grows up in the countryside of Zollverein, Germany, together with his sister, Jutta, in an orphanage run by Frau Elena. Werner is inquisitive and gifted with science and mechanics.

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Another quote from Joseph Goebbels states that the Nazis would not have been able to take power without the radio. American bombers are coming and have begun to drop bombs. The perspective switches to the American bombardiers, who fly over the English channel towards the coastal cities they will bomb.

All the Light We Cannot See is told in almost short chapters, and constantly cuts back and forth between two main characters: Werner Pfennig , a young German boy with an aptitude for radio engineering, and Marie-Laure LeBlanc , a young, blind French girl who excels at reading and studying science. The story is told un-chronologically, but the timeline is simplified for the purposes of this summary. Marie-Laure begins to lose her eyesight, and goes blind. Marie-Laure becomes concerned that her father will die from the curse, but Daniel assures her the curse is a myth.

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