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You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. Do you ever feel ready to take it to the next level, and yet sometimes find yourself behaving in ways that directly conflict with what you say you want?

The Psychology of the Solar Plexus and Subconscious Mind

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The Subconscious Mind There are many people who seek unfoldment along the lines of scien- tific research, and many who seek it along the lines of philosophy; and then, again, there are those to whom all life is simply a system of religion and worship.

These lines of research all add their mite to the sum total of wisdom, but often after these things have been fully exhausted, we find that there are many things latent within the consciousness, which have not yet been answered ; we are unsat- isfied, and do what we will, the mind remains disquieted and incomplete in 5 THE SOLAR PLEXUS its connections until it is linked with the unfathomed laws of the psychol- ogy within itself.

Science, from the plane of science, is wonderful, and fascinates us with its far-reaching laws of material rela- tionships. Philosophy, from the level of philosophy, is fascinating also, and leads us through a labyrinth of con- clusions and deductions more or less purposeful, but after a while all these conclusions connect us with other lines of consciousness, which they re- veal but do not interpret; and we find that after the last words of sci- ence, philosophy, and religion have been said, there still appear levels of mental and spiritual expression, which have not been revealed.

Looking at life, then, from the in- clusion of a larger spiritual percep- tion, we find that in order to build sublime and lasting interpretations which will stand the test of time, the human mind is called upon to inter- pret life not alone as a science, phil- 6 THE SOLAR PLEXUS osophy, or even a religion, but in all these ways linked together psychologi- cally, giving the race the example of life as an art.

We cannot know life as an art until we know and include in our conclu- sions the action of every phase of human consciousness, both seen and unseen; and then, through higher scientific and philosophical training, based upon finer psychiatry, the race can come into larger methods for hu- man progress, and through these methods eradicate sin, sickness, pov- erty, and lack of every nature.

In order to know these finer laws of relationship, we must understand not only our own being, but the laws of the universe in which we live. The energy which operates the physical human form is derived from, and is a part of the Infinite Source ; it is eter- nally existent as Universal Intelli- gence.

Unless all the states of conscious- ness and their corresponding cell centers are co-related in perfect at- one-ment, the thing called life must take on a perverted form. One stands for the manifestation of life revealed, and one is the agent of the life concealed; it is only as we teach ourselves through training, or through normal development to be- come master of these two positive centers, and secure their continuous co-operation, that we become lords of our own condition, and set ourselves free from the recognized laws of sin, sickness, pain and death, and bring our life into its normal expression of peace, power and divine realization.

The physical brain contained in the cranium of the physical body is our great personal law giver, and takes its place in the world of investigation, science and intellectual expression of facts.

Its sole function is to produce thoughts and to relate us normally to the changing conditions of the every- day life. It is necessary in order to get our true position toward our subject that we remember that the physical brain is divided into two great divisions, viz. In the left lobe are situated many of the higher concept centers.

Scientific in- vestigation has not yet determined all the mysteries of this labyrinth of phys- ical expression; strive as we will to push psychiatry to a finish, neurolo- gists and psychiatrists are continually confronted by new discoveries: Con- 10 THE SOLAR PLEXUS tention is ever rife among them as to actual function and location of vital centers of the human brain ; but they are more and more agreed that the left brain is the controlling power of all the higher human expression, such as memory, imagination, speech, con- trol and expression.

A tumor in the left prefrontal lobe has been known to produce certain symptoms from which scientists have been able to deduce important clini- cal precepts ; tumors in the right lobe of the brain have settled beyond a doubt the fact that the right lobe cen- ters are of a lower order or function, and the right brain is practically only the hand-maiden to the other half of the cerebrum.

It is upon this fact that those inter- ested in psychology and metaphysical healing hang their investigation and their faith. The left brain in its func- tion seems to be busy with the higher ideations while the right lobe is more closely related to the physical body, 11 THE SOLAR PLEXUS and has more to do with the equaliza- tion or cell polarization ; it is a sort of watchman to the physical body. It can readily be seen this being true, whenever the body becomes dis- eased, and in a disordered condition, the right lobe is not performing some of its functions, and the higher centers must be called into play to assist the body back into the higher expression.

The higher centers are called to the rescue, and they pour through the right brain, and from this to the phys- ical body, impulses which make for health and strength.

When the brain, through lack of training and lack of power of concen- tration, loses its power of inhibiting conflicting thoughts, and becomes diverse and registers thousands of different ideations, we become in- capable of making consciously to- ward a perfected impulse; our whole physical body begins to ex- press depolarization.

The solar plexus is a large collec- tion of nerve cells and it forms the great center of nerve generating en- ergy for the sympathetic nervous sys- tem; it is whitish gray in coloring, very much fenestrated, quite flattened, and is attached to the second and third sacral nerves.

It is situated above the middle of the upper border of the pancreas, at the right and left of the coeliac-axis, just opposite the margin of the diaphragm. The sympathetic nerves of the chest and abdomen are fully formed in a foetus while the brain is only a pulpy mass; this could hardly be an acci- dent on the part of nature; the early formation of this system proves be- yond a doubt the priority of its func- 13 THE SOLAR PLEXUS tions; the body is nourished and viscera perfected, the bony structure finished without a brain or spinal cord; children have been born with- out the presence of a physical brain, the sympathetic carrying on all the work of nourishing and sustaining the body.

The absence of the cerebro-spinal nerves and brain prevents a normal expression in those cases, for without them there is no way of registering any expression in the external world. The solar plexus is the home of the ego or the spirit of men ; it is the con- necting link between man and the Infinite and is the meeting place of the divinely physical, and the physically divine man. We do this by the power of conscious willing.

We know the truth and the truth sets us free. Union and conscious relation of these centers of being within us give us health, strength, beauty and youth on the physical plane, and open the door for Divine revelation to the soul.

The prophets and mystics of old sang ever of their solar center of Di- vine influx. The Hebrews ascribe to the reins, knowledge, joy, pain and pleasure. It is written " God upbraids the Jews for having Him in their mouths but not in their reins. We are all familiar with the umbili- cal cord of the new-born child; it is the cord between the child and its supply while in its unfoldment stages; this cord on the external plane stands simply as a symbol of the other sub- jective cord — " as above so below.

All sight, hearing, feeling, and emotion, all subjective sensations are the product of the activity of these currents acting upon the solar plexus brain and nerves and through these upon the physical brain and nerves. There is but one sense, but this is differentiated by the physical cen- ters into touch, sight, seeing, taste and smell. Sound comes to us through the solar center, and the nervous sys- tems register it in the localized hear- ing centers. There are individuals so developed that they can hear with other parts of their body as well as with their ears; the ears, with their fine nervous arrangement, are used simply to correlate sound, and pre- vent the expansion of tone.

Sight is the same; when one is sufficiently alive in his solar center, he has clairvoyance and cosmovoyance ; he can see through space; people have been known to tell what was going on in different cities, seeing as 17 THE SOLAR PLEXUS plainly as if they were there ; the optic centers are only fine arrangements of nerves by which one may correlate and localize his vision for physical objec- tive use, and when he knows the finer relationship of self, he projects and expands his vision or lessens it at will.

What the race calls the love energy is localized in the solar plexus. Any disappointment in love reacts upon the body through the exaggerated functions of the solar plexus center and the sympathetic nervous system. One has only to recall the quick declines following a great disappoint- ment.

Heart disease and quick con- sumption are well known expressions. All the sympathetic centers are so closely and carefully attuned that heart disease, heart failure, angina pectoris, and all subjective heart symptoms are the product of abnor- mal solar functioning, and through the cardiac centers the heart responds, and mind and emotions of the indi- 18 THE SOLAR PLEXUS vidual setting up the abnormal vibra- tory law.

It is well known by all mystics that kidney troubles of all kinds are the physical response to ab- normal sensory stimulus or expres- sion, such as excess in sympathy, love, passion, drink or repression; often it is the result of carrying a se- cret for years. Psychical repression of all kinds brings about abnormal renal functioning, and this is not hard to ex- plain when one remembers that the supra-renal capsules of the kidneys are supplied in a wonderful way by the sympathetic nerves ; the scientists themselves say the branches of these plexuses are remarkable for their large size in comparison with the or- gan they supply.

Neurasthenia, the great American disorder, is simply the over-activity of the cerebro-spinal system of nerves and physical brain centers. Psychas- thenia is the result of hyper-activity of the solar plexus brain, brought about by loss of control of the thought cen- 19 THE SOLAR PLEXUS ters of the physical brain, allowing feeling to over-excite the solar plexus brain, and through congestion of this center flood the system with an excess of electro radiant energy which can- not be taken care of by the physical cell centers.

Both of these diseases will be cured when doctors and patients learn the true relationships of the centers of mind and body, and establish true physical and psychical relationship through thought and breath, not al- lowing the system to be driven on by a wild explosion of electrical force.

Constipation is another American disease, and its cause and cure are in the solar center; there is no longer any excuse to continue with this limi- tation if we will follow the law of our own being and vitalize and electrify our body. In the normal individual the solar center is receiving a continuous influx of energy, coming to it from without, passing in through the solar cord as 20 THE SOLAR PLEXUS the receptive or negative breath, and through the lungs as the creative posi- tive breath; this energy passes into the solar plexus through etheric waves coming from the sun, then from it over the nerves of the solar ganglion to the external nervous system of the spinal cord, then to the pineal gland, then to the brain.

The pineal gland is the central point in the human brain where this energy is localized or controlled and sent out as needed at the call of the physical cells ; it is always passing out in quan- tity sufficient to energize, vitalize and etherize the flesh when the relation- ship is normal ; but when it is broken, through diseases of the mind and lack of correlation of the centers of being, the control is lost, the regulating power ceases, and a vicious cycle takes the place; a diseased nervous system is the result.

The solar center is controlled, ex- cited or quieted through the natural law of breath through the lungs and through thought control of the mind. We must breathe correctly before we can polarize these psychical centers continuously. The great muscle of respiration is the diaphragm, and in the descent and release of the diaphragm there is brought about a control over the cir- culation of the solar plexus brain.

An increased determination of blood to any center excites its function, just as a decrease lessens it, so that with com- plete breath control the circulation of the solar plexus brain is a thing of our own making, and we increase it, or decrease it at will. Deep, slow breaths relieve internal congestion and draw the blood from the superficial vessels, and through the thoracic portion of the sympathetic cord, control of the pulmonary vessels is brought about Slow deep breaths change our vibra- tions, by increasing the molecular activity of our physical cells.

In many people the solar plexus is inert, pale, bloodless and not capable of attracting through itself the re- quired amount of vibratory ether; when through breath we massage the solar plexus we increase the determi- nation of blood to that center, and with this increased molecular activ- ity, there begins to be a greater influx of energy, and the whole body soon begins to respond with a new life.

With this influx of energy the cells of the physical body again release the la- tent force within them and as this is 23 THE SOLAR PLEXUS passed out in radiations from the phys- ical cells of the body, which in turn demand a new supply, the pineal gland is again excited into its normal action of supplying the demand; the centers in the physical body and brain become normal in their functioning, and the correct internal and external cycle of psycho-physical activity has been restored and the individual is in health.

The great creative energy of the uni- verse is always flowing through us just as the current runs along the line, and this passing in of the finer etheric currents to be used in the construc- tion, rebuilding and vitalizing of the body and mind, and the passing out again from the physical body in lines of electrical force, is what consti- tutes the human aura, and those who are actively alive in their radiation are called magnetic and attractive.

When one is in disease, the aura is correspondingly lacking in magnetic or attractive power. It is not enough to come into life and pass along taking ourselves a confused bundle of states ; to be lord of our own kingdom man must master himself, and only through understanding can we pass in conscious dominion. From the subjective solar side of consciousness we receive all the God- born impulses which manifest as hu- man aspiration and revelation; and through the external brain conscious- ness we can give out the God-like ex- pression of a divinely illumined mind.

The great wisdom of the centuries is registered in the Cosmic mind, and it is always beating upon us through our solar center; we are children of the sun, and in its converged rays we walk and live and have being.

With a carefully attuned human mind, — thinking in unison with the finer rays of the universal mind, — our common 25 THE SOLAR PLEXUS consciousness becomes the great wire- less station with which we can regis- ter the Cosmic messages, and through this bring illumination to our daily life, and health to our physical forms, until at last we vibrate to a universal intelli- gence so high that, by the natural law of atomic attraction we build a physi- cal body of substance so vibrant that it becomes indestructible, and we are out into a new human experience made possible by our deeper under- standing.

When we know the true psychology of self, we join all the diverse currents of the human brain and its idea cen- ters, with the unified current of power that comes to us from within the solar centers ; then the physical and meta- physical are one; we pass from the part of the law of life into the whole.

We are lords of the physical, lords of the mental, lords of the spiritual, and lords indeed of all this lower kingdom, and our human life is linked with its source.

It is time for higher revelation on this subject, and today there are those who know more clearly the great truths which the earlier psychologists only dimly foreshadowed. It is the task of the twentieth century mystics to offer a clearer interpretation than has hitherto been given.

The first psychologists taught that man possessed an objective side of consciousness and held the subjective side to be endowed with greater power than the objective, but they threw little light on what these two states of consciousness meant. We were told that suggestion to our sub-self or subconscious mind would bring about within us certain well- defined experiences ; so while the old thought world prayed to its Jesus, the new thought world suggested to its subconsciousness.

It is plain to those seeking to scien- tifically understand life's finer forces, that there are some very finely marked laws in operation, and we cannot go very far in investigation until we find there are many states of conscious- ness within us with which the ordinary individual is entirely unfamiliar, and following this clue we come face to face with the fundamentals of univer- sal mind.

The psychologists of today see only one substance, and find this substance is formed from minute atoms, each atom possessing its own intelligence or atomic mind. Man's physical body is only a com- bination of atoms attuned to move at its own vibratory rate, the outer sub- stance is simply a shell, composed of separate points of intelligence. Mind is always clothed in body and the central undifferentiated atomic stream of intelligence within us is called our Spirit, while the outer crusts of this differentiated substance are called body, but they are really one substance.

There must always be the outside and inside action of every law, so there is no such thing as a body and a spirit — there is only the outside and inside action of universal mind.

Our physical cell body is a crust of atomic intelligence, and is endowed with a brain, nerve centers and system of nerves through which the spirit or 29 THE SOLAR PLEXUS higher intelligence can play, and within this physical body is another body of much finer substance be- cause it is much more vibrant; and within this finer body or second is a third body of still finer substance, and so on — each body in turn holding another body, reaching the seventh dimension. There are three bodies with which individuals in the or- dinary consciousness become familiar; the others belong to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions of consciousness and only a few on this planet are awake in these states of vibration.

Each body is endowed with its cen- ters for expression, and these centers correlate with the brain and nervous centers of the physical body, and when the physical body is polarized and functioning normally, it receives, sends out, is vitalized and sustained by the energy of the finer etheric intelligence of its inner bodies.

Each body is distinct in itself, yet no one can say, " here one begins," or, " here one ends," for they inter- penetrate as water does among the grains of sand; the atoms of each body are held in suspension within the fluidic substance of the other bodies.

These bodies can be separated and passed out at will by those who know the law, and each one is powerful on the plane with which it has corres- pondence, and when we know how to manipulate the physical body and its cell consciousness through the con- sciousness of the other bodies, we pro- duce within the physical body a law of life of which those who are working only with the intelligence of the phys- ical consciousness know nothing.

These bodies are held together cen- tralized into one point in the solar plexus of the physical side.

This body is called by those who name it the " psychic self. Suggestions to the subconscious mind did this much good — they vi- talized the activity of the psychic mind and body and rendered more possible its power to manifest through the phys- ical self, for, while suggesting, the student was, to a small degree, sus- pending operation of his lower state of consciousness, or his physical objec- tive mind, giving more positive expres- sion to his finer forces.

The psychic body manifests through the centers of the physical brain; the solar plexus, with the higher concept centers of the physical brain, acting as the switchboard where connection 32 THE SOLAR PLEXUS is made for consciousness, holds all force intact. All the diseases of the world, ex- cept accidental wounds, fractures and septic infection, are simply the dis- cordant association between the phys- ical body, its centers, and the bodies within it.

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WRITINGS OF JULIA SETON, M.D. The Science of Success Freedom Talks No. I Freedom Talks No. II Concentration Marriage The Race.

The psychology of the solar plexus and subconscious mind

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Julia Seton - The Psychology of the Solar Plexus and Subconscious Mind (1914)

By Julia Seton Sears. THERE are many ways in which the human mind seeks knowledge, but no matter what pathway it chooses, it comes in the end to the finished product of its search, the unfoldment of a perfected harmonious Self-hood. There are many people who seek unfoldment along the lines of scientific research, and many who seek it along the lines of philosophy; and then, again, there are those to whom all life is simply a system of religion and worship.

This ultimate guide to the chakras will help you to better understand all 22 chakras You'll also learn the role of each chakra spiritual and physical , signs that there may be an imbalance and how using aromatherapy and other techniques can help to heal and balance your chakras to improve your well being, help you feel fantastic and enable you to live life as your best self. The first chapter is designed for beginners, to help bring you up to speed quickly and give you a fundamental knowledge of chakras. Already have a good understanding of chakras? You might want to skip the first chapter and head straight to the section of choice to find the information you are looking for, quickly and easily. Introduction To Chakra Healing. Getting to know your own energy source - your chakras - brings you an intimate connection with how your body acts and reacts to stress, while also helping you gain insights into how to heal traumas and patterns you may have been carrying around with you your entire lifetime.

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