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Google Books. BibTex RIS. Dalferth [Die Anwesenheit und Abwesenheit Gottes. VIII, pages.

On the Presence and Absence of Supervisors

Look Inside. One of the most transcendent poets of his generation, Darwish composed this remarkable elegy at the apex of his creativity, but with the full knowledge that his death was imminent. Thinking it might be his final work, he summoned all his poetic genius to create a luminous work that defies categorization. Prose and poetry, life and death, home and exile are all sung by the poet and his other. Through these lyrical meditations on love, longing, Palestine, history, friendship, family, and the ongoing conversation between life and death, the poet bids himself and his readers a poignant farewell.

Predicting the current and potential distributions of established invasive species is critical for evaluating management options, but methods for differentiating these distributions have received little attention. In particular, there is uncertainty among invasive species managers about the value of information from incidental sightings compared to data from designed field surveys. This study compares the two approaches, and develops a unifying framework, using the case of invasive sambar deer Cervus unicolor in Victoria, Australia. We first used incidental sightings of sambar deer and 12 biophysical variables to construct a presence-only habitat suitability model using Maxent. We then used that model to stratify field sampling, with proportionately greater sampling of cells with high predicted habitat suitability. Field sampling, consisting of faecal pellet surveys, sign surveys and camera trapping, was conducted in 80 4-km 2 grid cells. A Bayesian state-space occupancy model was used to predict probability of suitable habitat from the field data.

In the Presence of Absence

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Davina Kirkpatrick davina2. It addresses the question - Can personal grief narratives explored through contemporary arts practice,auto-ethnographic writing, and the participatory performative act of making and being in specific places result in access into, the potentially, restorative space of mourning; moving between what continues to exist and what is missing in the physical world? An investigation follows, through a phenonmenological methodology of repetition, into the functions of articulating loss and absence through stories in exploring personal grief narratives, through contemporary arts practice and the participatory creative enacting of rituals in specific places which involve the interweaving of people, objects, place and story, so as to externalize emotion through creative activity to match the void of absence. The participatory projects and interviews with 7 artists across artistic disciplines enable conversations and sharing of understandings of loss. They provide multiple perspectives,viewpoints, and voices for the thesis. New knowledge is formed in the methodological and iterative dance between practice,reading and writing.

The Presence and Absence of God

Translated from Arabic by Sinan Antoon. What Sinan has done with In the Presence of Absence is a kind of miraculous work of dedication and love. Reading this volume is sheer enjoyment and sublimity.

When Presence & Absence Turn Into Pattern & Randomness: Can You See Me Now?

These phenomena are often intertwined and in continuous dialectic with each other, thereby creating relational paradoxes in infant-parent, patient-therapist, and supervisee-supervisor relationships. Negotiations of these paradoxes also help supervisors to renounce an omnipotent and potentially destructive fantasy of being ever-present for their supervisees. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Abelin-Sas, G.

Drawing on a long history in macroecology, correlation analysis of microbiome datasets is becoming a common practice for identifying relationships or shared ecological niches among bacterial taxa. However, many of the statistical issues that plague such analyses in macroscale communities remain unresolved for microbial communities. Here, we discuss problems in the analysis of microbial species correlations based on presence-absence data.

Declines among species of insect pollinators, especially butterflies, has garnered attention from scientists and managers. Often these declines have spurred governments to declare some species as threatened or endangered. We used existing presence—absence data from surveys for the threatened Dakota skipper Hesperia dacotae Skinner to build statistical maps of species presence that could be used to inform future monitoring designs. We developed a hierarchical Bayesian modeling approach to estimate the spatial distribution and temporal trend in Dakota skipper probability of presence. Our model included a spatial random effect and fixed effects for the proportion of two grassland habitat types: those on well-drained soils and those on poorly drained soils; as well as the topographic slope.

Как только Танкадо узнает о том, что вы сделали, он опубликует свою копию, и рынок рухнет. - Вы получите оба экземпляра, - прозвучал голос.  - Мой и мистера Танкадо.

When Presence & Absence Turn Into Pattern & Randomness: Can You See Me Now?

Бринкерхофф проследовал за Мидж в ее кабинет. Она села и начала, подобно пианисту-виртуозу, перебирать клавиши Большого Брата. Бринкерхофф посмотрел на мониторы, занимавшие едва ли не всю стену перед ее столом.

 Назови мне самое большое время, которое ТРАНСТЕКСТ затрачивал на взламывание кода. Что за чепуха. И ради этого он вызвал меня в субботу. - Как сказать… - Она заколебалась.


Mateos U.


Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. ambiguity between presence and absence of the deceased, between the and through various forms of representation on the other hand, in particular by.



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