Ordinary Medicine Extraordinary Treatments Longer Lives And Where To Draw The Line Pdf

ordinary medicine extraordinary treatments longer lives and where to draw the line pdf

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Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line

More about this series. Author: Sharon R. But the author notes that this way of thinking has led us to stop examining issues around quality of life, obligations to our families, and the inevitable prospect that we will die. Health-care professionals, students of medical ethics, and others interested in the actions that frame American medicine will find this a thought-provoking read. Anyone who has read her earlier book on end-of-life care in American hospitals, And a Time to Die: How American Hospitals Shape the End of Life , will be familiar with her tremendous ability to narrate the ambiguities of American medicine as it unfolds on the ground via the stories of people who are caught up in its contradictions. Is there any good news here? Yes, Sharon Kaufman has written a wonderful, necessary, and readable book, and that is a start.

Where is the line between 'enough' and 'too much' treatment? That is the topic of Sharon Kaufman's book that explores how any technology or practice that prevents death became the ordinary standard of care. She and palliative care doctor Dawn Gross discuss how improving technologies for extending life intensify debates about the issues surrounding aging and dying. Click to Subscribe. Programs filtered by subjects and categories. Curated collections of programs.

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Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line In Ordinary Medicine Sharon R. Kaufman investigates what drives that storm's “​more is.

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Medicine has changed dramatically over the past 15 years, medical anthropologist Sharon R. Kaufman argues in her path- breaking Ordinary Medicine. Some of these changes have produced obvious welcome benefits. But other changes are the subject of widespread lament: too much life- sustaining but death-extending technology.

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Ordinary Medicine

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Read Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line

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Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line. SHARON R. KAUFMAN. Series: Critical Global Health: Evidence.

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