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Glenda Millard

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Can't see the preview? Click here! How to print the digital edition of Books for Keeps: click on this PDF file link - click on the printer icon in the top right of the screen to print. Thanks to Andersen Press for their help with this July cover. Each night these Darkling children go out of their dark underground holes to the finding fields, scavenging for things to put in their glory bags.

Grandpapa's eyes shine when he remembers the beauty of the world, long-ago. Peterboy wants to find something wonderful to bring the light to Grandpapa's eyes and keep it there. What he finds is a duck, wounded and broken, and Grandpapa mends her from top to tail; quack, waddle and wing! The Duck and the Darklings is a story for children and adults alike, about the coming of hope in dark days, the warmth of friendship and the splendour of a new dawn. Inventive in both words and pictures, the story is exquisitely crafted and whimsically magical.

Glenda Millard

Faith Fox has led a life full of heartbreak and abandonment, lacking in simplicity and love—and she's not even one week old. She has suffered the unexpected and inexplicable loss of her mother in childbirth; her father, an overworked doctor grown callous with stress, has neither the ability nor the interest to take on the difficult task of raising his child alone; her grandmother, Thomasina, has decided to abscond to Egypt with a retired general rather than acknowledge and accept the loss of her daughter, whom she loved so distressingly well. And so Faith finds herself improbably at the rearing of her father's brother, Jack, an ascetic priest whose current endeavor is an occult "experimental community" comprised mainly of expatriate Tibetans. What ensues is a brilliant comedy of manners that revives the tradition begun by Jane Austen—an endlessly charming passage through the North and South of England that finally gives a major and lavishly gifted award-winning British writer the American readership she so richly deserves. Literally "to sing with chest voice", and the main ones faith fox are.

Paper bag journals are a fun inexpensive craft perfect for trips, camps, or fun summer memories. My family made these at our summer family reunion in Laguna last year filled with beachy words, photos from the Hollywood sign, and souvenirs from. Great literacy activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Includes a bonus alphabet product recommendation for the light table!

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She is also accused of living in the past: her days are spent amid the life and letters of Lady Brilliana Harley, who lived nearly four hundred years ago during the English Civil War. Brilliana Harley is a Puritan, a lone Roundhead in a county of Royalists, and it is not long before her enemies sit down in siege around her. As cannon-shot rains down upon her castle, she alone must captain a garrison of men and defend her home. Darkling is a revolutionary undertaking: an echoing of two lives across the centuries, deftly weaving original seventeenth-century documents into the fabric of a modern fiction. The result is a book of voices, past and present, exquisitely observed and skilfully summoned.

The Duck and the Darklings by Glenda Millard. Illustrated by Stephen Michael King. ISBN: Recommended for ages 4–8 and older readers.

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The Duck and the Darklings


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Peterboy is a Darkling — he lives below ground in the land of Dark.