Sales And Distribution In Sap Erp Functionality And Configuration Pdf

sales and distribution in sap erp functionality and configuration pdf

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Sap Sd Functional Consultant Resume.

Learn how to customize master data for customers, materials, and batches, and how to maintain this data in a functional implementation after go-live. From sales and pricing to billing and beyond, learn how to configure a system to get the most out of critical SD functionality like returns processing, product delivery, and route determination. What changes arrived in the most recent enhancement pack?

Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution

Sales Organization the Sales Organization is central organizational element that controls the terms of sale to the customer. Best advised business practice is to copy an existing sales orgn and create own sales orgn :. Note: In practice please select sales orgn as source and give a target sales orgn as your own.

Press Enter till the Sales organization gets created. Upon creating system issues a confirmation. Save your entries. When you enter a new window for Address entry will pop up please provide address info and then save the entries. Employees of a sales office can be assigned to sales groups defined for each division or distribution channel. Sales groups are assigned to sales offices. A sales area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channel and division.

Sales documents, delivery documents, and billing documents are always assigned to a sales area. Every sales process always takes in a specific sales area. Click on. If the entry already exists the system will throw a message. If not, please save your assignment. It is essential to define common distribution channel and common division this step is done to avoid redundancy of master data creation. By this definition, the master data shared by several distribution channels applies to conditions and customer and material master data.

Ensure to provide the Common Distribution channel. For eg. Provide your own distribution channel in both places.

The customer master groups data into 3 different categories: General data, Sales area data, and Company code data. An Account group controls the data that needs to be entered at the time of creation of a master record. Account groups exist for the definition of a GL account, Vendor and Customer master. It controls Number ranges and Fields that appears while creation of customer. Enter the general data specific to your customer. This data will be created at the Client level.

Data will be shared by all company code under that client. Click Enter. Then click on. Enter Reconciliation account Standard After entering relevant details in every tab. Enter data relevant for shipping. Please ensure input for these fields. Enter billing relevant details for the customer. Incoterms, Terms of payment and Tax condition are the necessary data. Partner functions Tab: Creates all necessary partners associated with this customer.

All the information to manage a material is stored in a data record in the material master, sorted by various different criteria. A view screen will pop up on this screen we need to select the tabs that are necessary for the creation of a material. Select the views by clicking on it and after selection Click enter. Data 1, Sales Sales Org. Click enter or press. This tab ensures that all sales relevant information for a material is stored.

It is important to enter if the material is taxable. Item category group is an important field to determine respective Item category for a sales order. This will be discussed in detail at later stages. MRP tab entries will be used to determine the method system uses to work on materials requirement planning. In order to create standard material no entry is necessary at this tab.

Base Unit of Measure field will get automatically filled up as we already have provided the input. The Warehouse management and Quality management tabs stores data that are needed for these departments of a business. A standard material can be created without entering this information. Valuation class is an entry with which the inventory posting for a material at stock level are controlled. Standard price defined under a material helps for valuation of stocks.

It is important to have stocks for the created material in order to proceed with Sales order processing. Without having stocks a sales order cannot be processed. This step explains the posting of stock without the purchase order. This confirms that the stocks are posted and are available for further processing. Another important Master data for Sales order processing is the Condition Master.

Condition Master has data related to a condition for a specific customer or a Material. We can define condition master data condition records to be dependent on various data. For example, maintain a material price customer-specifically or define a discount to be dependent on the customer and the material pricing group. Pricing involves condition technique.

This will be explained in detail in later chapter. This part of the course explains the basic steps involved to create a condition record Condition master so to proceed with creation of sales order.

Condition records are stored against a specific condition type. Press Enter on the Key combination screen pop up please select Material as we are creating a record against a material. A Sales order is an agreement between company and customer for delivery of goods or services at certain time and on agreed terms.

The Sales area is responsible for execution of sales order on the terms agreed. All Sales documents are created under a sales area. Assign a ref sales organization against your sales organization. Standard practice is to assign your own Sales orgn as ref. Similar to assignment of sales organization assign Distribution channel and Division as references.

Delivering plant is proposed in order if it is maintained in master data and the preference is as follows:. Any other details can be derived from the data already stored in various master data.

Sold to party; PO Number; Order date. Billing Block if active will be visible over here. The header level conditions will be displayed on this tab. The Pricing data maintained as Condition records for the specific product will be displayed on this tab.

The Pricing procedure controls the way the prices are calculated. Pricing conditions are determined here and some records can be entered manually if required. Check if pricing amount is correct. To open schedule line detail for a particular item Select the entire line item and double click it or click on Schedule line.

Every delivery required by the customer form as a single schedule line in sales order. Once the Schedule line details are open please verify the sales, shipping and Procurement details for the specific Item. Similarly, data can be checked and maintained on other tabs like Text and Partners as required.

Then press. Following message is displayed at bottom left corner of screen. Sales order creation is complete. The Sales order no will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Download attached file. You must be Logged in to download this file. Register Login. On the following screen please provide the From Source and To Target company code. Note: In practice please select sales orgn as source and give a target sales orgn as your own Press Enter till the Sales organization gets created.

A sales office can be viewed as an actual office or perhaps a territory or region. Sales offices are assigned to sales areas. If you enter a sales order for a sales office within a particular sales area, the sale s office must be permitted for that sales area.

The general data is relevant for sales and distribution and for accounting. It is stored centrally client specific , in order to avoid data redundancy. The sales area data is relevant for sales and distribution.

Understanding SAP Modules: SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP SD, SAP HCM and more

Register a free business account Hardcover: From quotations and sales orders to shipping and outbound. Use screenshots and step-by-step instructions to get configuration guidance for sales, billing and. This second edition teaches the ins and outs of SD customization and use. Key SD Functionality From sales and pricing to billing and beyond, learn how to get the most out of critical. SD functionality like returns processing, product delivery, and route determination.

ERP system was developed initially for inventory control; however, over the years; different software was developed for different processes in an enterprise for better data management and workflow. SAP AG is originally German multinational software which deals in software development for business management and improved customer relations in enterprises. SAP FI module as the term suggests deals in managing financial transactions within enterprises. This financial accounting module helps employees to manage data involved in any financial and business transactions in a unified system. This module functions very well for reporting requirements.

SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Training Tutorial

Sales Organization the Sales Organization is central organizational element that controls the terms of sale to the customer. Best advised business practice is to copy an existing sales orgn and create own sales orgn :. Note: In practice please select sales orgn as source and give a target sales orgn as your own.

This book is part of a Note that leg determination is not an optimization algorithm. Create Custom PDF Sales and Distribution SD

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Matt Chudy and Luis Castedo Sales and Distribution in SAP ® ERP — ​ Practical Guide

Sales and distribution in sap erp functionality and configuration by ashish mohapatra download for free SAP Functionality for Sales and Distribution Learn the configuration details that will help you optimize your sales and distribution procedures. Sales and Distribution Reporting and. He is an SAP- and PMP-certified former consultant with a master's degree in business from an international business school. Ashish Mohapatra has worked with SAP for more than a decade.

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Thank you for choosing Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution. The book covers the functionality offered by SAP in the latest version: ECC ▻.

SAP SD Configuration Step by Step Guide

Highlights include:

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[Ebook]^^ SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) Configuration Guide (2nd Edition) (SAP PRESS) [Full]

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Basic Functions and Master Data in SD Processing | SAP SD PDF Guide

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