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apache web server interview questions and answers pdf

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For the Tomcat job perspective , you may be asked a number of questions like up gradation, server maintenance, managing users and about the new features. Along with the tomcat interview questions preparing for the other necessary segments like default ports, web containers and Apache Tomcat is also beneficial. Here is a list of most commonly asked tomcat interview questions so that you can prepare for your next job interview.

Post a Comment. Q:-Briefly explain Apache Web Server?

25 Apache Interview Questions for Beginners and Intermediates

Post a Comment. Q:-Briefly explain Apache Web Server? It can be used to host anything from personal web sites to corporate domains. Q: - What is location of log files for Apache server? Q:-What is virtual hosting? Answer: Virtual hosting is a method for hosting multiple domain names on a server using a single IP address.

Virtual hosting allows one server to share its resources, such as memory and processor cycles, in order to use its resources more efficiently. Q: - What are the types of virtual hosts? Name-based virtual host means that multiple names are running on each IP address.

IP-based virtual host means that a different IP address exists for each website served. Most configurations are named-based because it only requires one IP address. Q: - How to restart Apache web server? Answer: service httpd restart. Q: - How to check the version of Apache server? Answer: rpm -qa grep httpd. Q: - What is meaning of "Listen" in httpd. Answer: Port number on which to listen for nonsecure http transfers.

Default port number of httpd is Q: - What is DocumentRoot? Answer: it is a location of files which are accessible by clients. Q: - On which port Apache server works? Answer: http - port Q: - Tell me name of main configuration file of Apache server? Q: - What do you mean by a valid ServerName directive? If you are using a certain domain name, you must make sure that it is included in your DNS system and will be available to clients visiting your site.

Answer: Directory sections refer to file system objects; Location sections refer to elements in the address bar of the Web page. Q:-What is the difference between a restart and a graceful restart of a web server?

Answer: During a normal restart, the server is stopped and then started, causing some requests to be lost. A graceful restart allows Apache children to continue to serve their current requests until they can be replaced with children running the new configuration.

Answer: It will give you more information in the error log in order to debug a problem. Q: - Can you record the MAC hardware address of clients that access your server? Answer: No. Q: - Can you record all the cookies sent to your server by clients in Web Server logs?

Answer: Yes, add following lines in httpd. Q: - Can we do automatically roll over the Apache logs at specific times without having to shut down and restart the server? Answer: Yes. Use CustomLog and the rotatelogs programs. Add following line in httpd. Q: - What we can do to find out how people are reaching your site? Answer: Add the following effector to your activity log format. Q: - If you have only one IP address, but you want to host two web sites on your server.

What will you do? ServerName ServerName web1. ServerName web2. Q: - Can I serve content out of a directory other than the DocumentRootdirectory? Q: - If you have to more than one URL map to the same directory but you don't have multiple Alias directives. What you will do?

The AliasMatch directive allows you to use regular expressions to match arbitrary patterns in URLs and map anything matching the pattern to the desired URL. Q: - How you will put a limit on uploads on your web server? Answer: This can be achieved by LimitRequestBody directive. LimitRequestBody Here I have put limit of Bytes.

Q: - I want to stop people using my site by Proxy server. Is it possible? Order Allow,Deny. Deny from all. Satisfy All. It detects when your site is receiving a Denial of Service DoS attack, and it prevents that attack from doing as much damage.

The period for which the ban is in place can be very short, because it just gets renewed the next time a request is detected from that same host.

Q: - How t to enable PHP scripts on your server? Q: - Which tool you have used for Apache benchmarking? Answer: ab Apache bench. Q: - Can we cache files which are viewed frequently? Q:- How do you check for the httpd. Answer: httpd —t. Q:- Apache runs as which user? Q:- On which port Apache listens http and https both? You can also use netstat command to check ports.

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Apache Tomcat Interview Questions

What does the following set of Directives do? Adds all files with the extension. Creates a new user-defined type that can be used subsequently in variable declarations. Makes it easier to load new definitions into the configuration files. Installed the php3 software onto the system. Answer:- A. What does the HostNameLookups double do?

Apache is an also known as Apache HTTP web server is a most powerful and open source to host websites on the web server by hosting the web files on the network. Now, if you are looking for a job which is related to Apache then you need to prepare for the Apache Interview Questions. It is true that every interview is different as per the different job profiles. Here, we have prepared the important Apache Interview Questions and Answers which will help you to get success in your interview. In this Apache Interview Questions article, we shall present 26 most essential and frequently used Apache interview questions. These interview questions are divided into two parts are as follows:.

What is the Apache webserver? Answer: Apache webserver HTTP is a most popular, powerful and Open Source to host websites on the web server by serving web files on the networks. What Is Apache Tomcat? Explain Directory Structure Of Tomcat? The most important file here is server.

100 Top Apache Webserver Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Post a Comment. There are also many companies which use Apache and Tomcat to host Java web application. In a typical setup, Apache web server receives the HTTP request and depending upon the URL it either route to Tomcat or serve the static files directly from the file system. These questions are based mostly on that experience.

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Apache Interview Questions


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Name-based virtual host means that multiple names are running on each IP address.