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Published: 01.05.2021

The Evolution of the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy

The Lisbon Treaty has introduced significant changes in the field of EU security and defence. On the one hand, important institutional reforms, such as the creation of a renewed High Representative, have of course a great impact on this policy field. On the other hand, the Lisbon Treaty has also introduced specific innovations in the security and defence of the European Union. The mutual defence clause and the new mechanisms for flexible cooperation such as the permanent structured cooperation, are only some of the key innovations. Thus, the Lisbon Treaty sets the objective for a common policy in this field. However, does this reform really provide for the means for the realization of such a common policy?

History of the Common Security and Defence Policy

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This ensured that when the opening salvos of the Libyan Civil War were fired two years later, the EU was expected to respond in a security crisis just miles from the Cretan coast. The primary research question then is to ask why, despite the reforms under Lisbon, did CSDP prove so ineffectual in Libya? By utilising these two case studies, this dissertation will critically analyse the evolution of CSDP. Furthermore, European disunity in major security crises has surfaced before in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq. Yet, despite the reforms of Lisbon, Libya would once again expose these fissures in defence policy.

From a European to a Common Security and Defence Policy

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A PDF of this resource can be accessed here. This called for the EU to be able to deploy a Rapid Reaction Force of up to 60, combat troops at sixty days notice for missions including crisis management, peacekeeping and peace-making operations. However in June the HHG was reformed to replace large deployments with a series of European Battlegroups of 1, troops, provided either by single nations or by groups of nations known as Headline Goal It changed the way decisions are made in the EU but, crucially, decisions on military or defence issues must still have the unanimous support of EU states. The EU currently has 16 missions on 3 continents, suggesting that its role in global security is expanding.

The post-war period saw several short-lived or ill-fated initiatives for European defence integration intended to protect against potential Soviet or German aggression: The Western Union and the proposed European Defence Community were respectively cannibalised by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO and rejected by the French Parliament. Malo declaration signalled that the traditionally hesitant United Kingdom was prepared to provide the EU with autonomous defence structures. The treaty entered into force on 8 September In March the Treaty of Dunkirk was in essence succeeded by Article 4 of the Treaty of Brussels , to which the Benelux countries were also party.

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The EU's Common Security and Defence Policy


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The EU Global Strategy lays out the strategy for the CSDP, while the Lisbon Treaty clarifies the institutional aspects and strengthens the role of the European​.