Rifling Machines And Methods Pdf

rifling machines and methods pdf

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Published: 02.05.2021

This invention relates to the rifling of gun barrels to provide a twist or spin for the projectile.


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Rifling Cutter Head

Remember Me? Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Results 21 to 36 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. You might check with Clifford F. LaBounty, riflingmachinesmethods. There are chapters on every type of rifling machine including Harry Pope's , the tooling, the processes used and the nuances.

There are three machining methods that have been developed to rifle barrels. Cutting the grooves incrementally with a single point hook cutter is the oldest method. This technique has been in use for as long as rifle barrels have been made. More recently, the two alternate methods of button-rifling and hammer-forging have been developed to reduce the time, and therefore the cost, associated with making rifle barrels. Both of these recent developments turn a drilled and reamed bore into a rifled bore by cold-swaging the steel of the barrel walls.

Barrel Machine by Gerald R. It wasn't enough for me, when I bought a bucketful of flintlock parts from Dixie Gun Works, induding an unrifled barrel blank. Of course, many a muzzleloader who would give his eyeteeth to be shooting a rifle barrel he had built himself, may be well heeled, but there are also many poverty stricken ones who cannot afford such custom work. The barrel machine described and pictured here, of my own l design, is versati e, accurate, minimal in cost, and small enough to fit into the tiniest home workshop. Among the many operations which can be performed on the device are rifling, overboring, finish reaming to land size, chambering, throating and muzzle-relieving of rifle barrels, as well as choke cutting, chambering, lap ping and polishing of shotgun bores. The rifling rig cuts any number of grooves from I to 12 including the awkward 7 and II and any pitch from I turn in I foot to infinity in a straight twist and with an arched cam bar, the gain twist. While the device could be used for deep-hole drillin g in solid blanks, it is intended for overboring shot-out rifle bar rels, or increasing the bore size of useless calibers to larger conversions like.

gun barrel manufacturing process pdf

A computer numerically controlled apparatus is provided for rifling a gun barrel. The apparatus automates the known method of rifling a gun barrel. The apparatus includes a frame, a rod, a cutting tool, a rod holder, and a system of servos to move the rod holder and to rotate the rod.

Rifling Cutter Head

That was the easy way to obtain a barrel. If no barrel blanks or chamber reamers are available when you have a need to make this gun, you will have to make the needed tools to drill, ream, and rifle the barrel yourself. Around almost every town of moderate size, there is a gunsmith or some serious gun nut who has removed one or more barrels from some of the bolt action military rifles to rebarrel them to a caliber he considers more suitable.

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