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Geologists use a lot of tools to aid their studies.

We present a technique to analyze dip-strike data to estimate a geologic structure in a previous study, in which some technical and geological problems are left unsolved. In this study, we have solved some geological problems which are to take the lateral discontinuity of the structure into account and use levels of bedding plane as input data. And also, we tried to extend the technique to more general problems that the structure consists of vertically different geologic units. We show the technique revised and some artificial and actual examples analyzed to check its validity and applicability.

Strike It Rich with Maplex

Adapted by Joyce M. Hauber, Tim C. First Edition. View source. Last edited: 8 Jan In Part I of geological structures, students will learn how to interpret strike and dip information from a geological map, prepare a geological cross-section from a plan-view geological map, and measure the thicknesses of geological units. To learn many of the concepts associated with structural geology, it is useful to look at block diagrams and block models.

Daniel Franklin Higgins; Determination of dip and strike from any two components, and the inverse problem. Economic Geology ;; 18 1 : 26— Shibboleth Sign In. OpenAthens Sign In. Institutional Sign In. Sign In or Create an Account. User Tools.

Geologic structures such as anticlines, synclines, domes, basins, and faults are not always easily visible. By mapping the slopes, orientations, and types of rocks in an area, geologists can create a geologic map and a geologic cross-section to learn about the structures. Geologists use these measurements to map geologic structures. Strike and Dip Diagram by Phyllis Newbill. In the diagram above, strike can be found easily on the rock layers because the surface of the water represents a horizontal plane. The strike is due North.

Overview of Geological Structures Part 1: Strike, Dip, and Structural Cross-Sections

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Since the early days of ArcView 3, geologists have tried many solutions for the complex problem of placing, orienting, and labeling structural points. Maplex allows precise rule-based placement and sizing of complex text and numeric labels, greatly improving the quality, readability, and amount of meaningful information that can be placed on a map. Structural geology—the study of rock units in three dimensions—relies largely on oriented measurements at or near the surface to project trends below ground. Structural geologists want to understand how rocks were formed, how they have been deformed, and how they might have become mineralized. Structural geologists study and map rock units to answer several questions. What do the rocks look like at the surface?

Automatic analysis of geological structure from dip-strike data

Thanks for your visit. It dips EAST. The diagram seem confusing, clarify if the dip and strike are being referenced to the pink plane or the green triangular block. For God's sake, are you really geologists??? And nobody noticed in two years

Strike and dip refer to the orientation or attitude of a geologic feature. The strike line of a bed , fault, or other planar feature, is a line representing the intersection of that feature with a horizontal plane. On a geologic map , this is represented with a short straight line segment oriented parallel to the strike line. The map symbol is a short line attached and at right angles to the strike symbol pointing in the direction which the planar surface is dipping down. The angle of dip is generally included on a geologic map without the degree sign.

Strike It Rich with Maplex

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Three Point problems. Outline. Outcrop Patterns: Strike and Dip 2. Unit Thickness​. Three-point problem. Three Point problems. 23 April