Venn Diagram Aptitude Questions And Answers Pdf

venn diagram aptitude questions and answers pdf

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In a class, there are 15 students who like chocolate. If there are 35 people in the class, how many students like chocolate and vanilla?

Below are five Venn diagrams.

Aptitude Quiz on Venn Diagrams

The logical reasoning section is an important part of competitive exams. It contains different types of reasoning questions which are intended to judge analytical and logical reasoning skills of the candidate. The logical reasoning questions can be verbal or non-verbal: In verbal logical reasoning questions , the concepts and problems are expressed in words. The candidates are required to read and understand the given text or paragraph and according choose the right answer from the given options. In non-verbal logical reasoning questions, the concepts and problems are expressed in the form of figures, images or diagrams and the candidates are required to understand them before choosing the right answer out of the given options. Logical reasoning verbal reasoning refers to the ability of a candidate to understand and logically work through concepts and problems expressed in words. It checks the ability to extract and work with the meaning, information, and implications from the bulk of the text.

GRE Math : Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagram Questions are asked in the logical reasoning section and carry a good weightage in the CAT exam. Venn diagrams test your logical reasoning skills and IQ level. Several questions in this category use daily life examples around you. As many students come from non-maths backgrounds, the questions on venn diagrams are structured at a basic level. Looking at the Venn diagrams definition, it is a set of diagrams that show all logical relations between the given quantity of sets. It was first invented by John Venn in and published in the Philosophical Magazine. The questions related to Venn diagrams involve overlapping circles in which each circle represents a set.

The Venn Diagrams from the logical reasoning section would enhance your rational thinking skills. Take the practice test at jagranjosh. Venn Diagram comprise of mark questions which test the mathematical aptitude of the aspirants. Practise this exercise on Venn Diagram and test your aptitude before appearing for the exams Directions 1 -4 : Read the following information and answer the questions below.

Venn Diagram Questions For Railway Exams

Which of the following Venn- diagram correctly illustrates the relation ship among the classes : Tennis fans, Cricket players, Students. Some Students can be Cricket players. Some Cricket players can be Tennis fans. Some Students can be Tennis fans.

Animal, Leopard, Lion. Country, State, City. Professionals, Chartered Accountant, Female. Pet animals, Dog, Cat.

The use of Venn diagram is to test your ability about the relation between some items of a group by diagrams. By good understanding of diagram we can easily solve the problem. Dog, Cow, Horse. All these three are animals but of different groups, there is no relation between them. Then they will be shown by diagram as given below.

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Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Here you can find objective type Verbal Reasoning Venn Diagrams questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided. You can easily solve all kind of Verbal Reasoning questions based on Venn Diagrams by practicing the objective type exercises given below, also get shortcut methods to solve Verbal Reasoning Venn Diagrams problems.

Mathematics is not a spectator sport. Learning and understanding Mathematics, at every level, requires learner engagement. Actually, no! In this mini-lesson, we will explore the world of the Venn diagram by finding answers to the questions like what are Venn diagram symbols, Venn diagram application in math, and Venn diagram examples while discovering interesting facts around them.

Verbal Reasoning Logical Venn Diagrams Questions and Answers Pdf Free Download useful for all Banking Exams like IBPS Clerk PO, SO, Clerk, RRB, RBI,​.

50+ Venn Diagram Questions with Solution Free PDF For SSC, RRB, FCI Exams – Download Now

Logical Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning

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Venn Diagrams for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT Exams

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just maths venn diagrams answers

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