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health and work performance questionnaire pdf

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Published: 02.05.2021

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Stress, anxiety and depression are common mental health disorders in many working populations, including in health care workers such as nurses and allied health professionals AHPs. These symptoms can adversely affect work productivity [ 1 ], patient safety and the quality of care [ 2 , 3 ].

Development of an individual work performance questionnaire

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Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. Know the objectives to change the board line-specific goals for the analysis and create selections concerning the scope of the review. DIPA Bipolar. Although several publications have established clinically meaningful cut-points for some of the mental health scales, the HBQ does not yield clinical diagnoses. Accessed on 28 April We involve the workforce in preparing health and safety improvement plans, reviewing our health and safety performance, undertaking risk assessments, preparing safety-related rules and procedures, investigating incidents and problem solving.

The World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire (HPQ)

The HPQ Initiative grew out of a simple observation: that lack of information about the quality of services hampers the efficiency of employer health care purchasing. Purchasers have ways to evaluate the quality of the materials they purchase. They have ways to evaluate the cost-savings created by production technology innovations. They have ways to evaluate the effects of direct-to-consumer ad campaigns, but they generally do not have comparable ways to evaluate the effects of investments in employee health care. We set out to change this situation in order to increase the rationality of employed-sponsored health care purchasing. Click here to view the HPQ surveys and informational documents.

World Health Organization Health and Performance Questionnaire (HPQ): Clinical Trials Baseline Are you currently in any of the following work situations​?

The World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire (HPQ)

Metrics details. Individual work performance is an important outcome measure in studies in the workplace. Nevertheless, its conceptualization and measurement has proven challenging. The aim of the current study was to gain insight into the responsiveness of the IWPQ. The aim of the trial was to investigate the effectiveness of an intervention to stimulate physical activity and relaxation of office workers, on need for recovery.

Responsiveness of the individual work performance questionnaire

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