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A Game of Thrones, the first installment in the George R. A Game of Thrones, like the following book in the series, illustrates the unfolding epic fantasy story which takes place on the continent of Westeros. Regardless of which, within this style the fantasy develops through the perspective of each of its respective main characters, allowing for the tale to not only develop but also be seen from each their respective points of view. Through a series of mysterious events, Eddard has the title of Hand of the King thrust upon the death of the previous Hand, Jon Arryn.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1) by George R. R. Martin

Brewer, ; hardback; pp. Carroll's introduction establishes Martin as a neo-medievalist author who, like J. Tolkien before him, creates 'a version of the Middle Ages' p. Unlike Tolkien, however, Martin rejects 'the utopian, atavistic view of the Middle Ages' p. Essentially, Carroll argues that Martin's central conceit is a 'purposeful avoidance of the tropes of medieval romance, medievalist romance, and fantasy literature' p.

However, his construction of Westeros is 'inspired by history, not bound to it' p. In Chapter 1, Carroll explores the relationship of Martin's works to medieval romances, noting A Song of Ice and Fire follows a similar structure of interlacing plots, primacy of the nobility's viewpoint, anxiety about identity, and inclusion of the figure of a fair unknown.

At the same time as replicating themes, structures, and motifs from medieval literature, Carroll argues that part of Martin's mission is to subvert the tropes of fantasy—many of which have been borrowed 'from Victorian understanding of medieval chivalric romance' p.

In Chapter 2's examination of Martin's treatment of gender, Carroll considers Westeros's culture of toxic masculinity. Undercutting the tropes of medieval romance that inspired Martin's medievalist world, in Westeros chivalric ideals are not rewarded, but mask violence, aggression, and inherent misogyny. This toxic masculinity, Carroll argues, victimizes both those men who do not engage with or replicate this type of masculinity Samwell Tarly, Bran Stark, and Tyrion Lannister are offered as examples and women alike.

In particular Martin's use of both the 'exceptional woman' for example Brienne Tarth , and 'monstrous woman' such as Cersei tropes, which are deeply entrenched in the popular imagination, highlights his sometimes homogenous cultural view of the Middle Ages. In Chapter 3 Carroll investigates Martin's approach to masculine, feminine, and queer sexualities, and argues that like in Malory's Arthurian tales, Martin uses transgressive sexualities to 'illustrate the problems in Westeros' p.

Carroll analyses how sexual violence and the threat of violence is ever-present in Westeros, and argues that Martin's portrayal of rape in his novels has some parallels with medieval chivalric romance. Carroll critiques Martin's attempts to defend his use of sexual violence in his novels by his arguing for realism: the world of Westeros is one of his own making and thus its inclusion ultimately reflects the type of brutal medievalism he espouses more than any reality from the [End Page ] Middle Ages.

As such, Carroll views Martin's portrayals of sex and sexuality as largely a combination of the medievalist and the modern. In Chapter 4, Carroll considers race and imperialism, particularly in relation to Daenerys Targaryen and the history of Westeros. While the centre of action in Martin's novels is clearly identifiable as 'Western—European and English' p. In an example of Martin's imperialist depiction of the Middle Ages, Carroll notes that there are no point-of-view characters from the novels' eastern cultures.

Instead, Martin problematically engages in the 'white man's burden' trope, and positions one of the central protagonists Daenerys as an idealized white saviour who frees the slaves of Essos. Thus, Martin fails to allow these non-white cultures to speak and act for themselves.

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The World of Ice & Fire de George R. R. Martin

The novel focuses on the fantasy world of Westeros where different royal families are fighting to reach and be the ruler of Seven Kingdoms by winning a strange seat called the Iron Throne. To the North, there are wilding lands across the wall and a major threat is on behest since the Wight Walkers are gathering their army. He has friends to the north, the Starks, a noble house whose Lord is Ned Stark. After the death of the King Robert Baratheon, the war of the five Kings starts and this lead to the rest of the main events of the story. Without any doubt, after the Lord of the Rings, this is the best high-fantasy series. Many readers and experts debate on the idea that this is in fact even better than the masterpiece by Tolkien. Well, there are a total of seven books planned in the series and out of them, seven have already been released.

A GAME OF THRONES. Book One of A Song of Ice and Fire. By George R.R. Martin. Contents. Maps. The North. The South q. Prologue q. Chapter 1 q. Chapter.

[PDF] Download A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) PDF

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Discipline: Personal Subject: About me. Martin s landmark series, this lavishly illustrated special edition of A Game of Thrones featuring gorgeous full-page artwork as well as black-and-white illustrations in every chapter revitalizes the fantasy masterpiece that became a cultural phenomenon. And now the mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure of this magnificent saga come to life as never before. At the center of the conflict lie the Starks of Winterfell, a family as harsh and unyielding as the land they were born to.

Song of Ice and Fire Series PDF + MP3

[PDF] Download A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) PDF

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