Intensive And Extensive Properties Of Thermodynamics Pdf

intensive and extensive properties of thermodynamics pdf

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The behavior of the system depends upon the interaction of energy with or without mass transfer across the boundary. Every system has certain characteristics by which its physical conditions may be described. There are 8 eight properties describing the behavior of a system. They are pressure, temperature, volume, entropy, internal energy, enthalpy, Gibbs function and Helmholtz functions.

Intensive and Extensive Properties

Physical properties of materials and systems can often be mains true regardless of quantity. For example, in thermo- or extent of the system changes. An extensive property is only two independent intensive variables to fully specify one whose magnitude is additive for subsystems. Other intensive properties are An intensive property is a bulk property, meaning that derived from those two variables. Examples of intensive properties include temperature, T, 1. Tolman in

Physical properties of materials and systems can often be categorized as being either intensive or extensive , according to how the property changes when the size or extent of the system changes. According to IUPAC , an intensive quantity is one whose magnitude is independent of the size of the system [1] whereas an extensive quantity is one whose magnitude is additive for subsystems. An intensive property is a bulk property , meaning that it is a local physical property of a system that does not depend on the system size or the amount of material in the system. By contrast, extensive properties such as the mass , volume and entropy of systems are additive for subsystems because they increase and decrease as they grow larger and smaller, respectively. These two categories are not exhaustive since some physical properties are neither exclusively intensive nor extensive.

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Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. It only takes a minute to sign up. Without any further explanation. I does not hurt my scientific feeling but I am looking for a good justification. I will assume that control means you are first able to measure it and then you may be able to regulate it. I would agree with this affirmation for system at equilibrium.

Intensive and extensive properties

Entropy is a function of the state of a thermodynamic system. Entropy has no analogous mechanical meaning—unlike volume, a similar size-extensive state parameter. Moreover entropy cannot be measured directly, there is no such thing as an entropy meter, whereas state parameters like volume and temperature are easily determined. Consequently entropy is one of the least understood concepts in physics.

Intensive properties and extensive properties are types of physical properties of matter. The terms intensive and extensive were first described by physical chemist and physicist Richard C. Tolman in Here's a look at what intensive and extensive properties are, examples of them, and how to tell them apart.

In thermodynamics, any extensive property of a substance per unit mass of that substance, i. Specific volume sp vol, Access to the complete content on Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase.

The Difference Between Intensive and Extensive Properties

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