Victims Perpetrators Or Actors Gender Armed Conflict And Political Violence Pdf

victims perpetrators or actors gender armed conflict and political violence pdf

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Whose Peace? Nevertheless, more men than women continue to die directly from all violence in the world, as well as directly from war Pearce, ; WHO,

It shows that violence can affect women in all walks of life — from politicians, voters, and activists, to broader categories of women facing everyday threats — but that there is great variance in the types of political violence and who the primary perpetrators of this violence are, especially regionally. Although we at times assume violence targeting women is primarily sexual in character, non-sexual attacks are actually the most commonly reported. The trends identified underscore the importance of the core foundation of the UN Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace and Security WPS : the use of political violence targeting women is strategic, as women are political actors.

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The Gendered Impact of Peace

Whose Peace? Nevertheless, more men than women continue to die directly from all violence in the world, as well as directly from war Pearce, ; WHO, Furthermore, because in the post-war context women survivors generally outnumber men as a group, they bear the greater burdens of post-war recovery see, e.

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How Does Political Violence Target Women? New Data from ACLED

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women were a constituency seeded by NGOs to foster human and social capital. Today, international agencies planning an operational framework for violence-.

The Gendered Impact of Peace

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Teams and Programs

Although it represents an important historical advance, recognizing the potential role of women in peacemaking processes and post-conflict agreements, and ensuring that violence against them is taken seriously both nationally and internationally, the Resolution nevertheless has a number of limitations and challenges. The limits of the Resolution are questioned by analyzing contexts of armed violence other than wars or post-conflict situations that are not covered by , focusing particularly on their gender dynamics. According to the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, one of the key organizations in the creation and approval of Resolution , most of the respondents to a questionnaire on civil society activity out of a total of over participants in two workshops devoted to the Resolution confirmed that they were using the Resolution in their work, despite the fact that most did not know exactly how it was being implemented by other civil and governmental organizations These articles are complemented by references to the importance of gender mainstreaming Articles 5 and 6 , which has the purpose of facilitating increased representation and participation of women at all levels and spheres of conflict prevention and management, and in peacebuilding. This construction of women as agents of peace, which permeates the Resolution, has been criticized as being essentialist and counter-productive as it fails to consider women as equal participants in the political process Cohn et. Therefore, it serves merely as a first step towards the recognition of the connections between gender, violence and security, failing to change the way we understand each of these concepts or the way they operate within the United Nations, its member states and non-governmental organizations dedicated to gender issues such as women's groups.

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