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Roger D.

The book centers upon the personal lives of the wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts who piloted the six manned space flights of Project Mercury between May and May

Sign up for our newsletters! Would you let your significant other be blasted into space? What do you think allowed these women to let their husbands go on these incredible, but also very risky, journeys? How does it strike you as different?

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Table of Contents Newsletters Copyright Page. In accordance wltn the U. Copyright Act of If you would like to use material from tne book other than for review purposes. Thank you for your support of the autnor's rignlS. All rights reserved.

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Even more memorable were the sights and sounds of man's first steps on the moon. Less than one third of today s Americans were alive during the first moon landing. But history will long remember the unforgettable words Neil Armstrong spoke when he succeeded in landing the Apollo 11 on the moon. With a cool head and extraordinary skill, when he saw the lunar module was heading toward an unsafe landing area, he took over manual control and landed the lunar module with only enough fuel to keep it going for about 15 seconds. When he announced, The Eagle has landed, people who were following the mission from earth breathed a sigh of relief.

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