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Hi guys. She and I are working together on a huge project, and she created a cover I just love.

By David Wong and Jason Pargin. From the writer of the cult sensation John Dies at the End comes another terrifying and hilarious tale of almost Armageddon at the hands of two hopeless heroes. You will dismiss this as ridiculous fear-mongering.

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What would you recommend? One book I recently enjoyed was The Martian , a novel about an astronaut stranded on Mars who needs to figure out how to survive and get home with minimal supplies. It was a little heavy on the science, but I liked learning a couple things while reading it. Almost anyone in the tech world would enjoy Hatching Twitter , by Nick Bilton. I like almost anything by Jon Ronson as well. I enjoy just about everything by John Scalzi , although Redshirts got a little too meta for my taste.

kirstenostherr.org: This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It (John From David Wong, the writer of the cult sensation John Dies at the End,omes Christopher Moore, the pseudonymous Wong (Cracked editor Jason Pargin).

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John Dies at the End is a comic horror novel written by David Wong that was first published online as a webserial beginning in , then as an edited manuscript in , and a printed paperback in , published by Permuted Press. An estimated 70, people read the free online versions before they were removed in September Thomas Dunne Books published the story with additional material as a hardcover on September 29, A film adaptation by Don Coscarelli was released in

Last blog post of the year, and traditionally a lot of bloggers and publishers produce a "State of the Nation" speech, a summary of the ups and downs of the year. I didn't do one last year, mostly as no one was really reading my blog is anyone actually reading it now? However, this year was so bad that I haven't bothered doing a newsletter - it would have been so depressing and miserable that it would have been a miserable read and not what people would want to read at what is traditionally a cheery time of the year. So what has happened this year when it comes to my writing?

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Spiders have evolved pharmacologically complex venoms that serve to rapidly subdue prey and deter predators. The major toxic factors in most spider venoms are small, disulfide-rich peptides. While there is abundant evidence that snake venoms evolved by recruitment of genes encoding normal body proteins followed by extensive gene duplication accompanied by explosive structural and functional diversification, the evolutionary trajectory of spider-venom peptides is less clear. Here we present evidence of a spider-toxin superfamily encoding a high degree of sequence and functional diversity that has evolved via accelerated duplication and diversification of a single ancestral gene. The peptides within this toxin superfamily are translated as prepropeptides that are posttranslationally processed to yield the mature toxin. The N-terminal signal sequence, as well as the protease recognition site at the junction of the propeptide and mature toxin are conserved, whereas the remainder of the propeptide and mature toxin sequences are variable.

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This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It

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