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Windows 8. It was released to manufacturing on August 27, , and broadly released for retail sale on October 17 of the same year, about a year after the retail release of its predecessor.

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MakeUseOf is proud to present you our Windows 8 guide. From author Christian Cawley, this Windows 8 guide outlines everything new about Windows 8, from the tablet-like start screen to the new "app" concept to the familiar desktop mode.

Back in , Microsoft released their first version of Windows, a mouse-driven graphical user interface that revolutionised the way we use computers, both at home and in the workplace. First, how are you going to get the data from your current operating system to the new one?

Finally, you might be wondering just what is going on: why did Microsoft discard the Start menu, and why does its replacement look like it was designed for children? This enables you to manage the transfer of data with little or no trouble — Windows 8 will effectively upgrade the existing OS without damaging your data — although you should backup your vital files anyway, just in case.

Windows 8 cannot upgrade Windows XP in the same way in which it can Windows Vista and 7, in which case you will need to use a more detailed and drawn out process for saving your data and migrating it to the new operating system.

Full details on upgrading can be found in Appendix A. Beyond reading this Windows 8 guide, you might want to check out following articles before you proceed with the upgrade:. One of the most striking developments in the new version of Windows is the way in which the desktop — the area hosting the Start button, taskbar and icons in previous releases — has been demoted in favour of a new Start screen, complete with tiles that can be clicked or tapped depending on your hardware to launch apps and adjust settings.

Have no fear, however — the old Desktop is still available. Indeed, it can be reached by tapping one of the tiles. While viewing the Desktop feels and looks like classic Windows, note that there is no Start button — all tasks related to this feature will need to be performed via the Start screen or by setting up some shortcuts on the Desktop.

First and foremost is the standard desktop computer. There are even some older computers stuck on Windows XP that can run Windows 8 effectively! Similarly, existing laptop computers and ultrabooks will also be able to run Windows 8 — thanks to useful touchpad gesture apps, Windows 8 might actually be better for smaller systems than Vista or 7 were.

Despite this, Windows 8 is really intended for new devices. The reason for this is simple: the change in focus for the Start screen means that fingers are recommended, if not required. Windows 8 is designed to work on devices powered by a low-power ARM processor found in typical Android and Apple tablets as well as typical Intel x86 based processors which is what most desktop, laptops and ultrabooks today use.

With this in mind, there will be no shortage of suitable computers and tablets to run the new operating system! It should also be noted that a Windows 8 device powered by an ARM processor will be unable to run legacy Windows software, such as games and older versions of Microsoft Office.

That software is Intel-only. During that time, Metro spread to the Xbox and various Microsoft promotional materials. Windows Live, the series of online services, all adopted the new look. Well, in the short term, nothing. There remains plenty of compatible applications, games and utilities for Windows 8, most of which rely on the traditional desktop. For users that prefer the Metro interface, meanwhile, there will be a great number of apps and games available via the Windows 8 Store that have been designed to run in the new Start screen.

However, you will probably be aware that there is a large amount of opposition from computer users against the inclusion of the tile based user interface in a desktop operating system. Complaints come in all flavours. Some have compared the interface to the bright colours of an early AOL home page, while others recognise that the tiles and touchscreen are useful but jarring when used alongside the traditional desktop.

There is also the lack of actual windows in this new version of Windows certainly as far as the Start screen is concerned and some have complained that the addition of the Metro user interface is little more than a UI overlay, similar to how HTC modded Windows Mobile 6 devices with TouchFLO. The fact is, Windows 8 is here and a lot of people are going to be using it on new computers, whether they are desktops, laptops or tablets.

The major difference between Windows 8 and previous releases — the tile-based UI — means that you will need to spend a bit of time getting used to the Start screen. Instead you will need to find a new way in which to perform tasks that have become ingrained, hard wired into your brain. There are various ways in which you can interact with the system, but few of them require you to click and drag, open properties or make any adjustments to the layout of the Start screen although this is possible.

Appearing on the right-hand side of the screen, the Charm Bar reveals provides other features and functions:. These options are displayed Metro-style. On the left side of your display, the date, time and battery and wireless networking information will also be displayed. Note that many apps native and third party will have their own context menus. These menus can be accessed by right-clicking with the mouse.

With three clear paths to returning to the Start menu, navigating through Windows 8 should become far simpler. Depending on your device, you will have three methods.

For tablet users, the use of fingers will allow you to swipe left and right, zoom and tap. For laptop or desktop computers, the mouse and keyboard or perhaps a touchpad for detecting gestures will enable you to find your way around Windows 8.

Rather than worry about navigation at this stage, however, simply be aware that the Start screen and Charm Bar are the key to getting from A to B in Windows 8. As you progress through this Windows 8 guide you should be able to build up a picture of how simple it is to find your way around Windows 8.

On the Start screen you will find two types of tiles. More crucially to Windows 8 and what Microsoft are doing with their new operating system are the live tiles, squares and rectangles that display vital information such as the subjects of new email messages, financial information, the latest weather, news feeds, and other information that an app might display without you having to resort to opening it.

This feature makes using Windows 8 quite pleasing. Similar to the widgets of Android 4. The development and release of Windows 8 has been littered with controversy, with many commentators and potential users dismissing the inclusion of what they regard as a mobile user interface.

Like the relegation of MS-DOS to an alternative start-up option or command line interface within Windows 95 and 98, access to the Desktop is still possible — merely not emphasized. The simplest way to head to the Desktop is to drag the tile left click or tap, hold and drag into the top-left position on the Start screen. New hacks might show up, but hacks that previously worked no longer have any effect….

As discussed earlier in this Windows 8 guide, there are three ways that you can interact with a Windows 8 computer — it all depends on which device type you have. The same might be true of a convertible laptop-cum-tablet and of any other hybrid you can get your hands on. For standard laptops, there may be finger gestures available via the touchpad, while desktop users will be almost exclusively restricted to the keyboard and mouse.

Simple — use the arrow keys! Naturally, you can use the keyboard and tab key to find your way through forms, while typing a search term from the Start screen will automatically open the Search tool. As with previous versions of the operating system, there are various keyboard combinations that can be used as shortcuts in Windows 8.

There are obvious advantages to using a mouse. The mouse, of course, comes into its own when using the classic Desktop mode, something that is woefully inadequate for use with the original pointing device, your fingers. Using Windows 8 on the Microsoft Surface, or any of the other tablets capable of running it, is probably the best way to use Windows 8.

Taps in the top left will scroll through the open applications; taps in the top right will open the Charm Bar. Tapping tiles will launch the related apps, while the Start screen and other Metro items can be scrolled through, left and right. There is also the option to pinch-to-zoom images and webpages, while multiple apps can be displayed on screen at once using the snap feature.

The Search, Share, Devices, and Settings icons along with a shortcut to the Start screen will be displayed. With multiple apps running, you might need to switch between them. Slide your finger to the right from the left edge, which will enable you to pull another open app into view.

A slower version of the previous gesture will enable you to pull an app from the left and display it side-by-side along with the already displayed app. By default one will fill a quarter of the screen while the other will occupy the rest. This can be adjusted by dragging the black bar separating the two apps. Dragging your finger from the left of the display and quickly back again will display a vertical bar with thumbnail images of all currently running apps. These can be opened by tapping; you can return to the Start screen with the last thumbnail, or tap anywhere else on the screen to close the menu.

Open apps can be closed by dragging your finger down from the top bezel to about halfway down the screen. The app will shrink to thumbnail size and disappear downwards. Contextual menus can be displayed by swiping down from the top or up from the bottom of the screen. Only a short swipe is required otherwise the app will be closed! Should you use this gesture on the Start screen, a list of all apps on your Windows 8 device can be viewed.

Live tiles can be disabled, and most tiles resized and unpinned or even uninstalled by swiping downwards on the tile concerned to reveal the required menu options. All touch-based operating systems use this to zoom in and out of images, web pages and documents. In Windows 8 you can even zoom away from the Start screen, providing a wider view of all of the tiles. Buttons in the URL menu bar at the foot of the Internet Explorer 10 window in Metro mode will enable you to move back and forth through web sites or your history of recently visited pages, but the same results can be acquired by sliding a finger from the left side of the screen to the right in order to go back a page, or right-to-left to move forward.

This gesture should start away from the bezel, however, to avoid opening up the Charm Bar or switching apps. There is also an on-screen keyboard that will appear whenever you tap into a text entry field — an example would be the search tool, or typing a URL in Internet Explorer. Should you be using a hybrid tablet or a convertible laptop, you will be able to take advantage of fingers, keyboard and mouse. This might be considered to be the ultimate method of interacting with Windows 8, because you get the best of all worlds.

Another is that adding new apps is a case of tapping the Store tile and finding what you need to use. Meanwhile, any legacy software — applications and utilities designed initially for older versions of Windows — can be installed via the Desktop. To find your applications, open the Charm Bar and click or tap Search. This will display the search pane on the right with the Apps list taking up most of the screen to the left of this.

The Apps List can also be opened from the Start screen by right-clicking or long-tapping and selecting All Apps. This will display the task switcher window in the center of the screen, enabling you to select the open app you wish to use.

Tapping the top left corner of the display is also an alternative. A quicker way is often to head back to the Apps List and select the desired application again. It is very effective, however. To close an app you will need to use your finger or mouse pointer to drag the app down, and discard it. This is done by placing your finger at the top of the display where you should see a small hand icon appear; drag your finger from the top edge of the display to the bottom, where the app will shrink and fade away!

The same action can be performed with a mouse.

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MakeUseOf is proud to present you our Windows 8 guide. From author Christian Cawley, this Windows 8 guide outlines everything new about Windows 8, from the tablet-like start screen to the new "app" concept to the familiar desktop mode. Back in , Microsoft released their first version of Windows, a mouse-driven graphical user interface that revolutionised the way we use computers, both at home and in the workplace. First, how are you going to get the data from your current operating system to the new one?

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Cisco 9200 Initial Configuration Guide

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Exam Ref 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

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