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The art of drafting the pleadings has not yet fully developed in spite of the increase in the civil litigation. As a matter of fact, the art of pleading should be the foundation course and great emphasis should be laid on this paper. Because of this absence of rigorous training, the young lawyers often indulge in prolixity rather than clarity and conciseness.

Many dead-sure-win cases drag on for years in the courts only because of faulty. S drafting. Irrelevant matters, unnecessary details are often included and the facts placed before the lawyer by his client are not marshaled. The result is that the martial facts are often mixed up with inessential matter. According to Lord Halsbury - "Where system of pleading may exist, the sole object of it is that each side may. U be fully alive to the questions that are about to be argued in order that they have an opportunity of bringing forward such evidence as may be appropriate to the issue".

Pleading is an art, of course, and art which requires not only technical and linguistic skill but also an expert. K knowledge of the law on the given point brought before a lawyer.

Even experienced lawyers and attorneys. However, in the matter of pleadings longer. What ultimately matters is how clearly and systematically have the facts been presented before the court of law. M It is a matter of common knowledge that when a person comes to seek the assistance of the court of law in. Thus pleadings are the. A until the court of justice is fully aware as to the claims and contentions of the plaintiff and of the counter.

K king in person and place all facts pertaining to his case before his majesty. After such oral hearing, the king used to summon the other party and thereafter listen to the defence statements put forward by the person so summoned. There used to be same sort of cross examination or cross questioning of the parties by the king himself. Thereafter, the decision was announced.

There was hardly any system of written statements; all the same "pleadings" did exist, although they were oral.

The king and his courtiers kept on what may be called a mental record of the proceedings. Perhaps only r. With the passage of time, judicial system underwent a change. The administration at justice was separated from the executive and assigned to the court of law. Complexity of resulted in enormous litigation, and oral hearing of the ancient times became almost impossible.

Scribes used to keep records of all the proceedings Gradually this procedure was also abandoned and the litigants were allowed to bring their claims and contetions duly drawn up to fie them before the Honb6e courts. When this change exactly happened, it is difficult to say. Experience was a better teacher; and the changes in court procedure took place not only in the light of the past experience but also in the face of expediency.

Written proceedings. By the turn of 19th century the procedure of pleadings has become fairly elaborate and systematized. When the civil codes came to be drafted, the principles of pleadings were also given statutory form. Vide order VI Rule 1 "pleading".

Shall mean plaint or written statement. Mogha has elaborated this definition when he remarked that "pleadings are statements, written, drawn up and filed by each party to a case, stating what his contentions will be at the trial and giving all such details as his opponent needs to know in order to prepare his case in answer".

The document stating the cause of action and other necessary details and particulars in support of the claim of the plaintiff is called the "plaint". The defence statement containing all material facts and other details filed by the defendant is called the "written statement". The written statement is filed by the defendant as an. S answer to the contentions of the plaintiff and it contains all materials and other objections which the defendant might place before the court to admit or deny the claim of the plaintiff.

Pleadings are, therefore, the foundation of any litigation, and must be very carefully drafted. Any material omission in the pleading can entail serious cones quinces, because at the evidence and argument stages, parties are not permitted.

U to depart from the points and issues raised in the pleadings, nor can a party be allowed to raise subsequently, except by way of amendment, any new ground of claim or any allegation of fact inconsistent with the previous pleadings of the party pleading the same. In some cases the court may allow amendment of the plaint or the written statement on the application of a party.

This can be done under order VI Rule 17 of. K Civil Procedure Code. Another case of departure is where a party pleads for set-off.

There may also be counter claims by the defendant. M 6, and ii and independent counter claims which is not exactly set off but falls under some other statute. Pleadings bring forth the real matters in dispute between the parties. It is necessary for the parties to know each.

K other's stand, what facts are admitted and what denied, so that at the trial they are prepared to meet them. Pleadings also eliminate the element of surprise during the trial, besides eradicating irrelevant matters which are admitted to be true. The facts admitted by any parties need not be pursued or proved.

Thus the pleadings save the parties much bother, expense and trouble of adducing evidence in support of matters already admitted by a party, and they can concentrate their evidence to the issue framed by the Court in the light of the facts alleged by one party and denied by the other.

There is another advantage of the pleadings. The parties come to know before hand what points the opposite party will raise at the trial, and thus they are a prepared to meet them and are not taken by surprise, which would certainly be the case if there were no obligatory rules of pleadings whereby the parties are compelled to lay bare there cases before the opposite party prior to the commencement of the actual trial.

On the basis of above discussion we deduce the following fundamental rules of pleading, which also have been incorporated in order VI of the Civil Procedure Code S pleading shall contain and contain only a statement of facts and not law. And it is for the judge to draw such inferences from those facts as are permissible under the law of which he is bound to take judicial notice. A judge is bound to apply the correct law and draw correct legal inferences and facts, even if the party has been foolish to make a written statement about the law applicable of those.

U facts. If a plaintiff asserts a right in himself without showing on what facts his claim of right is funded or asserts that defendant is indebted to him or owes him a duty without alleging the facts out of which indebtedness or duty arises, his pleading is bad. The parties should not take legal pleas but state the facts on the basis of which such legal. K conclusions may logically follow and which the court would take a judicial notice of.

Thus where a m party pleads that the act of the defendant was unlawful, or that the defendant is guilty of negligence, o or that the defendant was legally bound to perform specific contract, such a pleading would be bad.

In such cases, the plaintiff must state facts which establish the guilt or negligence of the defendant,. M or how the particular act of the defendant was unlawful, of the fact leading to the contract which thus bound the defendant. The plaintiff must show how he was related to the deceased, and also show the relationship of other claimants, and other material facts to show that he was nearer in d relation to the deceased than the other claimants.

K He must state the facts showing his title to the money. For example, he should state that the defendant took loan from the plaintiff on such and such date and promised to return the money along with specified interest on a particular date, and that he requested the defendant to return the said amount after the date but that he refused to return the money.

If some witnesses were present when the money was lent or when the demand was made or when the refusal by the defendant was made, the fact should be stated specifically, for at the time of the trial the court may order the plaintiff to adduce evidence in support of his statement, and then he can rely on the evidence of the witnesses in whose presence he had lent money or in whose presence he had made a demand for the return of the money.

In a matrimonial petition, it is not enough to state that the respondent is guilty of cruelty towards the petitioner-wife and that she is entitled to divorce.

The petitioner must state all those facts which establish cruelty on the part of the respondent. She may state that her husband is a drunkard and used to come home fully drunk and in a state of intoxication he inflicted physical injuries on her, she should specify dates on which such incidents took place; or that the husband used to abuse her or.

About 29, Indian Law students are members of this community and share FREE study material, cases, projects, exam papers etc. It is such facts which can establish physical or mental cruelty. In another example plaintiff files a suit for negligence and damages. It is not enough for him to state negligence. First of all the plaintiff must state those facts which establish the defendant's duty towards the plaintiff. Thereafter, he must state how and in what manner was the defendant guilty of negligence.

Thus he must state all the facts on which his plaint is based. The inference of law to the breach of duty should be left to the court because the correct legal principles will be applied by the court and the plaintiff cannot even add any prayer that a particular legal conclusion which follows must be applied.

The only prayer that he may add is that the relief may kindly be granted to him. U S Omission to state all the fact renders the pleading defective whatever inferences of law might otherwise have been pleaded.

Such a plaint may be rejected on the ground that it discloses no cause of action. The plaintiff or the defendant as the case may be, and his counsel must be on their guard not to omit any facts and straight-a-way jump to pleading legal interference without stating. For example, in a suit for recovery of money for the goods sold, the defendant should not just take. K the plea that he is not liable. Such a statement is a plea of law, and can hardly stand and in spite of.

In such a case the defendant must clearly state that he did not. He may also state that though the goods were sent to him, but he did not take the delivery as he had placed no order. M after the sale of such goods and the goods were still lying with him unsold, and that he was willing to.

Such facts would be valid. KA tu d In another example of a suit for defamation and damages, it is not sufficient for the plaintiff to state that the defendant defamed him and therefore he was entitled to damages or special damages. The plaintiff must state all the facts of the defendant act or acts such as his public utterances in which he. S named the plaintiff and made remarks about his character or profession or the publications in which he was painted in a manner as would in the opinion of a common man lower him in the eyes or estimation of society.

Wherever possible the plaintiff must give the exact words spoken or used in the entire sentence or statement and also give the general, grammatical or implied meaning of such words spoken or used. Wherever there is any ambiguity, he may take the plea of "inuendo" and state how such a remark was commonly understood by persons known to him.


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The art of drafting the pleadings has not yet fully developed in spite of the increase in the civil litigation. As a matter of fact, the art of pleading should be the foundation course and great emphasis should be laid on this paper. Because of this absence of rigorous training, the young lawyers often indulge in prolixity rather than clarity and conciseness. Many dead-sure-win cases drag on for years in the courts only because of faulty.

Home Previous Next. Write in the active voice. The active voice eliminates confusion by forcing you to name the actor in a sentence. This construction makes clear to the reader who is to perform the duty.

Kulshreshtha 's treatise 'A Text Book of English Legal History ' is primarily intended to impart knowledge of the subject to the law student and arouse his interest. The content is. Army Center for Law and Military Operations.

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PDF Drive offered in: English. A leading text in legal writing, Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing explores the nuts DRAFTING OF PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING matter of fact, the art of pleading This book has been written for undergraduate students, those on vocational courses as well as the young practitioner.