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By Edgar Leoni. This Dover edition, first published in , is an unabridged republication of the work originally published in by the Exposition Press, New York under the title Nostradamus: Life and Literature. Including all the Prophecies in French and English, with complete notes and indexes, a critical biography of Nostradamus, his will and personal letters, bibliography of Nostradamus and his commentators, historical, geographical, and genealogical background, a review of theories about him, his method and other supplementary material.

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Nostradamus and His Prophecies

All rights reserved HogueProphecy PublishingP. Box Langley, WA Distributed online atwww. Also to Vipassana. A Work of Prophetic Father Envy?

Too Chicken Little Too Late? Source: Jan Bauer, AP. What in the world happened at the turn of the millennium in the year ? Themost anticipated end time date of the Judeo-Christian world had humanity bracedfor something big. For the Doomsters there was nothing much to write home to hell fire andbrimstone about. The 24 time zones of Planet Earth witnessed midnight crawlhour by hour across a world lit with fireworks and fun in a wave of collective goodfeeling and positivity never before seen.

Doomsday it seems had caught a wintermillennium bug and limped home to bed for the night. For those of you unversed in the Chicken Little story, it is about a baby chick. One day an acorn bouncedoff her head. Startled, she immediately assumed the sky was falling and that shewas on a mission from God to warn the king of the forest, the lion, about it.

Onher way out of the woods her panicked evangel that the sky was falling picked upa brace of bird brained disciples, the hen Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky. Heinquired if the baby chick with the bump on her touched head actually knew wherethe lion king lived. Can you show me? It was the den of Foxey Loxey.

Chicken Little and Henny Penny and Ducky most Unlucky now faced a different doomsday than the sky falling. They nevercame out. Still, the need to be bird brained in blind faith and assumptions aboutmysterious phenomenon is a hard programmed habit to shake, especially when theacorn of myth can conjure a whole tree of apocalyptic projections misreading itshead popping sign. There still was hope for something out of the sky falling in the year These acorns have their flutteringmessiahs.

The night before the inertia of sky set against a rolling Earth crust mightmake it appear to fall in 1,mph winds, I was a on Coast to Coast AM with ArtBell. His show broadcast across radio stations was one of the largest nighttimeradio talk shows in North America, the Caribbean and Armed Forces Radio with an. Simultaneously, in other timezones, the midday sun will seem to stand still overhead whereas the lateafternoon sun will lurch backwards through the sky.

The oceans will boil out of their banksto tower higher than the mountains and flood upon the land. Waves ofwind and water will race across our cities at mph and blast them totheir bedrock bones. On May 5, , every island will fly away, and themountains will not be found — that is, if the much-anticipated propheciesof the Earth sliding off its polar axis is just another Y2K-style propheticbust.

For the past 25 years or more,interpreters of the Earth Changes prophecies of Edgar Cayce and theSpirit Guides of Ruth Montgomery have believed Earth is going to tilt onits axis this com ing May. The Associated Press would later report 5 May asone of the quietest days of seismic activity for the year, though on 4 May amagnitude Just to be sure, I waited five more days for Richard. First it was the millenniumturning, and Y2K not burning our hot-wired world. He had spentthe last 30 years researching and promoting a theory that gravity froma grand alignment of planets on May 5 would pull on a growing ice shelfcovering the Antarctic and cause the Earth to roll over on its side.

Reality check! Today, rather than covered with ice, the Antarctic is melting. Reid A. Bryson, a climatologistat the University of Wisconsin. So far, time and events smile on the auguries of World WatchInstitute, which continues to wax prophetically with accuracy. They wereone of the first groups to warn the world about global warming by ,over a quarter-century ago. As a prophet scholar I swear by their predictions because theyare consistently correct… If we heed their warnings we can preventreal potentials for doomsday that could com e in the next few decadesfrom not stopping overpopulation, global warming and the threat of acollapse from food and water sustainability.

The End of the World as we know it is LateNoone was nullified and has since retreated from the public limelight, his theory. The sky was falling again in early Not as acorns but as cruise missilespeppering Baghdad in Operation Iraqi Freedom, a US invasion of Iraq that soonbecame better known as an operation Iraqi quagmire for many years, contributingruinous loss of US treasure that in part began the Stock Market falling by the GreatRecession of It shut down flightsin and out of Europe for several weeks as traffic controllers were afraid that the skywould fall in jet airliners as numerous as acorns if ash getting into hot jet engineturbines should solidify turning them to idle cement mixers at 35, feet.

ScienceMagazine reported upwards of 95, flights cancelled all across Europe during theinitial six-day travel ban, rising to , flights cancelled during an eight dayperiod accounting for grounding 48 percent of global air traffic stranding 10 million.

A decade beyond the millennium, great rains began falling in never beforerecorded torrential deluges sending 25 million Pakistanis packing from the Indusfloodplain starting in late July ; another 8. In that same year, a third of Thailand was inundated with the streetsof its capital Bangkok under water for two months. The disruption of food caused by the Great Russian Drought and brush firesof had already cast revolution in the streets over rising food prices across thetinderbox of the Arab world in Science fiction used as afake, looked an awful lot like fact.

At the time of this writing,we are a dozen years beyondthe millennium. History keepsquickening. The heat up of theclimate, the ramp up of weirdand violent weather deliveredthe Great US Drought of inthe central breadbasket states.

Even the rainy Pacific Northwestbroke all records with 80 daysof sunshine with only a meagertwo-tenths of an inch of rain.

Then came the Halloween Stormnamed Sandy, a 1,milewide hurricane that mated witha winter storm as it crashed over 50 million people across New Jersey, New Englandand New York. Sandy flooded the Atlantic Seaboard and. The cost of damage is still being calculated.

Sandy is well on the waybe com ing one of the most expensive natural disasters in history. I could go on. The signs of our times might indicate thatthe great time keeping prophetic traditions of the Judeo-Christian, the Druidic, theEgyptian and many others thought to expect an on com ing wave of apocalyptic eventsthroughout the s com ing to a climax by had miscalculated when the endof the world as we know it was supposed to slide into an apocalyptic unknown.

We entered the year in unique times. The collective unconscious of the entire human race is in subtle psychic alarm mode. The Earth has begun her rebellion against us, it seems. Well, we have one: a date of epochal change com ing from the most accuratecalendar of the ancients. Around the same time 25 to 30 years ago Richard Noonewas putting together his Pole Shift thesis, popular interest in the ancient MayanCalendar arose. Hewas neither a Maya, nor even a Native American seer but a native of Minnesota.

He was not a trained anthropologist or archaeologist, though he did have a Ph. Unswayed by a nearunanimous rejection of his theories by established experts of Maya civilization, orcriticism that he often made up his own math about their calendar, Arguelles becamethe first apostle and founding father of New Age Mayanism. He defended his theoriesby giving one of those Teflon-coated bromides that let reason slide off the New Agepot, in which his mythologies were cooking — something that almost sounds likehe almost knew what he was talking about — that his vision of the Maya and their.

This then established Mayanism as one of the longest lasting NewAge spiritual movements for a quarter century in a genre that usually recycles itsspiritual fads every two years.

The Harmonic Convergence may not have lifted the collective consciousnessof the world but it did see a convergence of New Age pseudo-anthropologists,Maya apologists and gurus establishing an authorship industry that has seen over3, titles published.

It is an industry of modern revisions of what ancient CentralAmerican time keepers might have intended for a series of highly sophisticatedand interlocking calendar systems otherwise known as the Long Count, which therewriters of millennialism now promoted as the correct count of when the greatmillennium of prophetic tradition should have clocked out.

The Native Mesoamerican civilization built sprawling cities around clusters ofpyramids by cutting down mountain jungles of Guatemala circa b.

Some archeologists theorize a year drought was the cause of a regionalclimate change. Others believe this was enhanced or exacerbated by human rapeof natural resources to build their vast cities and pyramids. At last it forced theMaya to abandon them around to c. By the time the Spanish conquered the Aztec and Toltec civilizations in the early16th century the Maya they later did battle with in a decade of jungle warfare werestunted survivors of a long exhausted and eclipsed civilization, their cities generallyreclaimed by the tropical forest cover.

Despite this, the Maya retained records oftheir glorious past in leather scrolls. They also retained knowledge and utilized theirmost sophisticated calendar system that applied interlocking calendars to date thecycles of planting and religious rituals and mark the passing of the solar year.

Theseran like inner gears of a larger, cyclic wheel of a longer calendar count marking thepassing of great ages. The ancient Mesoamerican Maya calendar system dates back to at least It is one of several spin-off,descendant calendar systems used by the Aztec and Toltec civilizations derived fromfar more ancient Olmec and Zapotec Mesoamerican civilizations that thrived in from to b. Interest in the Mayan Calendar arose a quarter century ago from moderninterpretations — some would say revisions — of what ancient Central Americantime keepers intended in one of five calendar systems that work like units of timeswitching over like an odometer to create vast epochal counts such as the LongCount.

Its countdown to an end corresponding to the Gregorian calendar date of 21December has been the center of so much discussion and controversy. To begin with, the Maya Calendar operates on a base and base system. Starting with the shortest time unit of a day, or kin. Thirteen kin makes a week. Thus 20 kin make a uinal, a Mayan Month.

The Maya then incorporated these days and month counts into two calendars,the Tzolkin and a larger count approximating the solar year known as the Haab. They chronicle holy days signifying and determining the time forreligious ceremonies, divinatory practice and the sacred act of planting crops. The Haab is the Maya version of the day solar calendar, with 18 uninal months of twenty days each covering days making one tun a year.

Now then, the time required for any weekday to recur with both the samemonth and year days is 18, days equating the passage of a com plete life cycle ofone Maya generation: a Calendar Round of 52 tun-years. A generation. The Maya epochal Olmec inspired odometer can click into gearing up much largerunits of time multiplied by Thus, 20 tuns years make a katun gesundheit! It takes 13baktun 5, Translated into the Gregorian Calendar system, the worldand human history began on 11 August b.

Accordingly, the Maya calendarfinishes the 13th baktun on the winter solstice: 21 December Many New Age.

Nostradamus - The Prophecies of Nostradamus 1

All rights reserved HogueProphecy PublishingP. Box Langley, WA Distributed online atwww. Also to Vipassana. A Work of Prophetic Father Envy? Too Chicken Little Too Late?

The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus

The Greatest Sinner Ever An easy to read, spiritual, historical novel about the life of Nostradamus, the famous seer from the 16th century. After a happy childhood, Michel de Nostredame successfully battles the plague, as a young physician, during the last part of the dark Middle Ages in France. But then a great calamity befalls his own family and totally destroys his life

Description: [1 volume]. Nostradamus December 14, — July 2, , Latinised name of Michel de Nostredame, was one of the world's most famous publishers of prophecies. He is best known for his book Les Propheties, the first edition of which appeared in

Через каждые несколько шагов Стратмор останавливался, держа пистолет наготове, и прислушивался. Единственным звуком, достигавшим его ушей, был едва уловимый гул, шедший снизу. Сьюзан хотелось потянуть шефа назад, в безопасность его кабинета. В кромешной тьме вокруг ей виделись чьи-то лица. На полпути к ТРАНСТЕКСТУ тишина шифровалки нарушилась.

Компьютерные вирусы столь же разнообразны, как и те, что поражают человека. Подобно своим природным аналогам они преследуют одну цель - внедриться в организм и начать размножаться. В данном случае организмом является ТРАНСТЕКСТ. Чатрукьяна всегда изумляло, что АНБ никогда прежде не сталкивалось с проблемой вирусов. Сквозь строй - надежная система, но ведь АНБ - ненасытный пожиратель информации, высасывающий ее из разнообразнейших источников по всему миру.

Prophecies Of Nostradamus

 Странно. Я вчера говорил с .

Консьерж бросил внимательный взгляд в его спину, взял конверт со стойки и повернулся к полке с номерными ячейками. Когда он клал конверт в одну из ячеек, Беккер повернулся, чтобы задать последний вопрос: - Как мне вызвать такси. Консьерж повернул голову и .

Бринкерхофф отвернулся. - Чед, уверяю тебя, в шифровалке творится что-то непонятное. Не знаю, почему Фонтейн прикидывается идиотом, но ТРАНСТЕКСТ в опасности. Там происходит что-то очень серьезное.


 Согласна, - сказала Сьюзан, удивившись, почему вдруг Хейл заговорил об.  - Я в это не верю. Всем известно, что невзламываемый алгоритм - математическая бессмыслица.

 - В обеих бомбах уран. Элементы, ответственные за Хиросиму и Нагасаки, - оба являются ураном. Никакого различия. - Мы погибли, - прошептала Мидж. - Подождите, - сказала Сьюзан.

Затем, с еще мокрыми волосами, угощал поверженного соперника орешками и соком. Как у всех молодых профессоров, университетское жалованье Дэвида было довольно скромным. Время от времени, когда надо было продлить членство в теннисном клубе или перетянуть старую фирменную ракетку, он подрабатывал переводами для правительственных учреждений в Вашингтоне и его окрестностях.

 - Он сказал, что на кольце были выгравированы какие-то буквы.




The Complete works of Nostradamus are here compiled in one file. Download the predictions and prophecies of Nostradamus - public domain.

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