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index of the secret rhonda byrne book pdf

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Read in: 5 minutes Favorite quote from the author:. This once happened to famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey. She read a book called The Color Purple , and immediately recognized herself as destined to portray one of its characters in a big Hollywood movie. This manifested even more when she got a random call to audition for a secret movie, which turned out to be The Color Purple. Right then, she received the call from Steven Spielberg.

Rhonda Byrne

Or you have a vision of a family member becoming sick, and then you hear that he has been taken to the hospital. According to Rhonda Byrne, these experiences are much more than mere coincidences. In the second book — currently No. The law of attraction states that whatever you experience in life is a direct result of your thoughts. It really is that simple. If you think about being fat, you will get fatter. If you think about thin people, you will become thin yourself.

If you think about your bills, you will get more bills, but if you think about checks instead, your mailbox will overflow with them. The law of attraction has been around for millenniums; Byrne cites Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein and even Jesus himself as adepts. Why is this particular pseudoscientific concept so persistent? More likely, they caught the virus themselves and are unwittingly spreading it as far as they can.

That is why QVC displays a running count of how many viewers have bought each item for sale, and why advice seems more credible if it appears to come from many different people rather than one. This ploy, an example of a related logical fallacy called the argument from authority, taps our intuitive beliefs so forcefully that we psychology professors spend time training our introductory students to actively resist it. Byrne also activates what might be called the illusion of potential, our readiness to believe that we have a vast reservoir of untapped abilities just waiting to be released.

Unfortunately, rigorous empirical studies have repeatedly shown that none of these things bring about any meaningful improvement in intelligence. In one clever experiment by the psychologist Rebecca Lawson, people who claimed to have a good understanding of how bicycles work and who ride them every day proved unable to draw the chain and pedals in the correct location.

But ersatz theoretical physics has only so much persuasive power. Byrne also provides several bits of empirical evidence for her claims. The intuitive appeal of such stories illustrates the human tendency to see things that happen in sequence — first the positive thinking, then the positive results — as forming a chain of cause and effect. Even worse, we can misremember two things as happening in close succession when in fact they happened much farther apart in time, or even in the reverse order.

How would the universe sort out that mess? After all, the only other force that could explain how Rhonda Byrne put two books on top of the best-seller list is the law of attraction itself. On the lookout for your next book to read, but not sure where to start? We can help. Here are the 10 Best Books of , along with Notable Books of the year. Or try any of these new books that our editors recommend.

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The Greatest Secret

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The Secret denies the ideas of a personal God with thoughts, feelings, and emotions and a sovereign God omnipotent and omniscient, perfectly in control of everything. One of the best kept secrets of our faith is the blessedness and joy of cultivating a secret life with God. Imagine the sheer delight of it even now. Joh , 32, 44; Col ; 1Jo Second, those who are chosen to understand the sacred secret of God are bound, not to keep it secret, but to give it. Through searching for answers in a variety of books new and old, she began to trace what she believed was a common thread in them all.

Fight ‘The Power’

Or you have a vision of a family member becoming sick, and then you hear that he has been taken to the hospital. According to Rhonda Byrne, these experiences are much more than mere coincidences. In the second book — currently No. The law of attraction states that whatever you experience in life is a direct result of your thoughts.

Maybe he tried out the weapon on some other people first. Tortoise could hardly carry his shell. It was only Dog that looked well.

Her New Thought book The Secret based on a film she produced of the same name is based on the law of attraction. After the death of her father in , Byrne became very depressed. Hence, she started doing research on the subject and the project of The Secret was born. According to Byrne's research, she claims that all great men in history knew about the laws of attraction, suggesting Abraham Lincoln , Ludwig van Beethoven , Winston Churchill and others. The Secret was published in , and by the spring of had sold more than 19 million copies in more than 40 languages, [4] and more than two million DVDs.

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The Secret is a self-help book by Rhonda Byrne , based on the earlier film of the same name.

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Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. At your doorsteps with the click of the mouse. Download the The Secret Seven audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Regarded as a life-changing read by many readers, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a self-help book that embarks to motivate the reader about a universal paradigm about success that can be … The book spent over weeks on the best-sellers lists and has sold millions of copies worldwide in over 40 different languages.

The magic is gratitude. The Law of attraction in the Secret is replaced by gratitude in the Magic. Gratitude - counting your blessings; saying Thank You to the best thing that happened today and listing it holding a magic rock? Thank you. I rarely give a book 5 stars. Rhonda Byrne is the creator behind The Secret , a documentary film that swept the world in , changing millions of lives and igniting a global movement.

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The Power - Rhonda Byrne

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